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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)
- Cervical Motion Tenderness
- Purulent discharge
- Associated with ectopic pregnancy and infertility
- Includes endometritis, salpingitis, tuboovarian abscess, and peritonitis
- It is a polymicrobial infection that is primarily assoc. with Gonorrhea or Chlamidia, but also Bacteroides, E. Coli, and Strept.
Trichomonas vaginitis
- Yellow-green, bubbly discharge
- "Strawberry patches" and petechiae
- Motile, flagellated organisms, pear-shaped, often with many WBC's on wet mount
- Metronidazole for patient AND partner
Syphilis (Primary)
- Painless ulcer with rolled edges and punched-out base called a CHANCRE appears approx. 3 weeks after exposure, and heals 6-9 weeks later
- Penicillin
- Caused by the spirochete TREPONEMA PALLIDUM
- Enters the body through tiny abrasions in the skin, multiplies locally, and then spreads systemically
Syphilis (secondary)
- As the untreated Chancre heals, this begins
- Involves CONDYLOMA LATA (flat, coalescing papules containing spirochetes) on moist areas of the skin, generalized rubbery lymphadenopathy, a maculopapular rash on PALMS AND SOLES, and constitutional symptoms (malaise, HA, anorexia)
- These symptoms last for 3-12 wks.
Syphilis (Tertiary)
- Only 20-30% of the untreated will develope this
- Manifestations include GUMMATOUS SYPHILIS (granulomatous reactions in any tissure of the body) or cardiovascular problems (end-arteritis of the vasa vasorum leading to injury of the large arteries and occationally resulting in dilation of the aortic root with aortic insufficiency)
- meningitis, cerebral atrophy caused by spirochetes in the parenchyma; and tabes dorsalis, which involves damage to the posterior colums causing multiple impairments and general paresis
Venereal warts
- AKA Condyloma Acuminata
- HPV (6, 11)
- Not associated with cervical or penile cancer
- Lesions appear on the external genitalia, perieum, anus, or cervix and may be small and discrete or large and cauliflower-like
- Tx- Trichloroacetic acid, laser ablation