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what period of time of inability to conceive after reg intercourse to dx infertility?
1 yr
M or F
has more fertility problems
Female dysfunc (60-70%)
male dysfunc (30-40%)
what is #1 cz of female infertility?
second most common?
2nd common: PID
what are some cz of female infertility?
peritoneal factors 40%
uterine-tubal factors 30%
ovulatory problems 15-20%
cervical factors 5%
T of F
mult factors of infertility in 20%,
cz of infertility unknown 5-20%
DDx of infertility
ovulatory dysfunc (ovarian failure, prolactinoma)
genital tract abn/damage (endometriosis, pid, myoma)
defect spermatogenesis
varicoceles (interfere w/ sperm dev)
endocrine dysfunc (pcos, thyroid/adrenal dz)
Eval to r/o male factor of infertility
sperm analysis
eval to r/o female factor of infertility (2)
hysterosalpingography (r/o uterine-tubal abn)
serum FSH/LH/TSH/prolactin (r/o endocrine dysfunc)
T or F
tx of infertility is tx of underlying cz
tx of endometriosis
may be improved by laparoscopic removal of endometriosis implants
ovulation may be induced by (2), may cz hyperstim and mult gestation
clomiphene citrate
pergonal (purified human fsh/lh)
what adv repro tech may be used in refractory cases?
most common cz of secondary dysmenorrhea (painful menstruation)
dx of endometriosis
dyschezia (painful defecate)
chronic pelvic pain
nodularity along uterosacral ligament
fixed, retroverted uterus
definitive dx via LAPAROSCOPY/laparotomy, shows implants as:`
"powder burns": rust to brown
"raspberry lesions": raised blue
"chocolate cysts": in ovaries, cystic collect of old bl