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List the screening guidelines for colon cancer
Fecal occult blood at 50, sigmoidoscopy q5yrs, colonoscopy q 10 rs
List the screening guidelines for breast cancer
Mammogram at age 40 (if - FH, if + use descretion as to when to do it) and CBE. Repeat mammo q 1-2 yrs +/- SBE
List the screening guidelines for diabetes.
If + RF or age 45, screen q 3 years. If overweight + 1 RF, screen q year.
List the screening guidelines for thyroid disease.
Assay at age 35 and q 5 yrs after.
List the screening guidelines for Ovarian cancer.
If + FH clinitian should initiate screening procedures.
List the screening guidelines for pap smears.
At age 21 or within 3 years of sex. Repeat q yr while under 30. After 30, if 3 normal in a row, q 3 yrs.
List the screening guidelines for cholesterol
Most agencies agree that screening at 45 and qu 5 yrs OR if +FH at 20 and q5 yrs. Others suggest starting at 20 and q 5 and if +FH 20 and q2yrs.
What does ACHES stand for?
Abdominal pain
Chest pain
Eye problems
Severe leg pain
Inquiries welcome and pts responsibility
Decision to change mind is pts right
Explanation that is understood by pt and in pts language
List the MOAs for POPs (4)
Inhibition fo ovulation by decreasingGnRH pulses and inhibtion of + E2 feedback on FSH and LH
Suppression of midcycle peaksof LHand FSH (so no ovulation)
Thikening of cervical mucous
Development of atrophic endometrium.
Who are POPs ideal for? (4)
Breastfeeding women
older women (decreased risk of thromboses)
Women who cant take E2
Women who need temporary contraception (accutane, after rubella immunization, etc.)
What are the WHO cat 4 contraindications for POPs and depo?
Current breast cancer
What are the WHO cat 3 contraindications for POPs and depo?
Breastfeeding <6wks
Current DVT
Current of h/o ischemic heart disease
h/o stroke
migraine with focal sx
psat breast Ca with no evidence of disease for 5 yrs
acute viral hepatitis/cirrhosis
BP >160-100 (depo)
Vascular disease (depo)
Diabetes >20 yrs or with vascualr involvement (depo)
Use of liver/enzyme inducing rx.
MOA of copper IUD?
Cu ions released which cause enzymes, prostaglandins and macrophages which impair sperm function
Cu IUD WHO category 4?
PP sepsis, post-septic AB
uterine anomaly, fibroids, CA
Unexplained vag bleeding
Cerivical CA