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What are the 5 components of health related fitness
cardio, muscle strength, muscle endurance, body comp, flexibility
components of skill related fitness
agility, balance, coordination, reaction time, power
importance of cardio fitness
it helps give u a strong heart which can in turn lead to improving the other components and it helps ur heart and lungs function properly
importance of warming up/cooling down
warming up /cooling down helps prepare your body for excercise and then helps it relax this prevents muscle soreness and strains
correct stretching technique
static stretching- when you stretch the muscle to a point and then hold for 15-20 seconds
relationship between excercise and long term health
if you excercise now your body will function properly longer and you will age better
cardio benefits
heart pumps less often to get more blood to ur body
aerobic vs. anaerobic
aerobic uses oxygen and anaerobic doesnt causeing soreness in muscles
activities for cardio
warm up and cool down before walks or runs...mile run
activities for muscle strength
lift weights, resistance excercises , repititions
activities for muscle endurance
pushups and sit ups, lift weights
activities for flexibility
stretching, sit and reach
activities for body comp
body comp test
normal blood pressure
high blood pressure
definition of high blood pressure
when your blood puts to much pressure on the walls of ur veins and ateries
normal blood pressure
high blood pressure
maximum heart rate
the rate that you shouldnt go ovr during excercise
target heart rate
the range of heart rates you should be at when excercising
when is the best time to excercise
whenever you most enjoy it
ideally a fitness plan should include how many days of strength training
which of the following is not part of starting a fitness plan:
a- buy fitness equipment
b-conduct fitness evaluation
c-set goals
d-keep excercise log
cool down excercises should____
include stretching and cardio cool dowm
as you evaluate your excercise program you should
modify it until you have a program you can stay with
being fit garuntees that you will
have a long healthy life, feel and look better, be stronger than most people your age
maximum heart rate is determined by
subtracting your age from 220
a target heart zone for a 14 year old is
to get to the standby screen on the heart monitor you should
press the red button once
from the standby screen to start you fitness activity you should
press the red button once
when you are finished excercising you should press
the blue button 2 times
the most beneficial aerobic excercises are
walk, jog, run, swim, bike
what causes the US to have a high obesity rate
poor diet and excercise