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What is Guillan Barre?
Acute inflammatory condition involving the PNS, spinal nerve root and selected cranial nerves
Incidence of Guillan Barre
1 -2 out fo 100k in USA; between 30-50 yrs of age; affects men and women equally
What is the etiology for Guillan Barre?
-Autoimmune Disease: Destroys myelin in PNS, & -vital sections fo the Medulla Oblaganta
-Usually occurs after a respiratory or gasterinterstinal viral infection.
What are the signs and symptoms of Guillan Barre?
MS Weakness:
Difficulty walking,
Tingling from LE - UE
-Can be paralytic
-Can be life threatening
-Affects cranial nerve 7,9,10
Guillan Barre affects CN 7, 9, 10. What are they and what are the symptoms?
7= facial:Decreased taste on anterior tongue
9= glossopharyngeal:Dysphagia, Loss of gag reflex
10= Vagus: Dysphonia (hoarse voice)
Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing)
Dysarthria (slurring words)
What is the course/progrssion of Guillan Barre?
-Sudden and unexpected!
-first 2 weeks have the greatest weakness; thereafter, symptoms appear
-With progression: motor weakness, paralysis of the limbs, sensory loss and MS atrophy
What is the prognosis for Guillan Barre
-Recovery period: a few years (promximal to distal, so fine motor usually remians impaired)
-About 30% will have residual weakness after 3 yrs
-About 3% suffer relaps of MS weakness, tingling sensation
What are the medical treaatmetns for Guillan Barre?
*Plasmapheresis-reduces length of severity of disorder
*Immunoglobulin-Naturally attacks invading organisms and can lessen damage to PNS
*Severe cases can require pt's to be on resp machine, heart monitor, feeding devise, etc.
What are the precautions/
Respect level of pain and tolerance during stretching, ROM and exercise.
What is the OT goals, treatment and AE?
-Splinting to be able to do ADL's by preventing contractures, deformities,& protect weak MS
-Gentle non-resis exercise
-Pt's resistance can be increased slowly
-Light ADLs
-Avoid fatigue