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Family Care Plan Certificate
Family Care Plan Arrangements
NAVPERS 1740/6
NAVPERS 1740/7
When is the servicewoman exempt from PRT?
During pregnancy and 6 months after delivery.
During the last 3 months of pregnancy, when is rest allowed during working hours?
Every 20 minutes every 4 hours.
During the last 3 months of pregnanacy, how many hours per week is the servicewoman allowed to work?
Limited to 40-hour work weeks (pregnancy does not remove member from Watch Standing, but hours shall not exceed 40 hours).
After what week of pregnancy is the servicewoman not allowed to fly?
After 36 weeks.
Pregnant Servicewomen are not allowed to remain onboard after what week of pregnancy?
After 20 weeks.
How many months after giving birth can the CO authorize the wear of maternity clothing?
From 6 months from the date of delivery based on medical officer diagnosis or recommendation.
Upon medical advice, the CO may grant how many days of convalescent leave after delivery?
42 days after discharge for uncomplicated deliveries; physician can recommend beyond that. If pending disciplinary action, leave is not authorized.
Who is responsible for counseling the servicewoman after pregnancy has been confirmed?
The Commanding Officer
How long does a servicewoman have to inform her CO of the confirmation of pregnancy?
2 weeks after confirmation.
When are pregnant servicewoman placed in a light duty status?
At the 36th week of pregnancy until term.
How many weeks can a servicewoman be placed on light duty after completing convalescent leave?
2 weeks.
# of months a pregnant servicewoman that desires to reenlist can extend?
6 months.