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STD with a soft ucler?
Characteristic histologic pattern seen in chancroid.
3 zones
- superificialzone of necrotic debris and fibrin
- mid zone of granulation
- deep zone of chronic inflammation and fibrosis
Chancroid is due to___
Haemophilus ducrei
Lymphogranulmoa venereum is due to ___
Chlamydia trachomatis
LGV has a histologic pattern consisting of ___ that is indistinguishable from that of ___
necrotizing granulomatous lymphadenits with a stellate abscesses rimmed by epithelioid histocytes

histologic DDX:
- cat scratch disease
- brucellosis
- tulermia
granuloma inguinale: histologic pattern
- granulaton tissue with scattered microabscesses
- the organim (Donovan bodies) are demonstrated by special stains in macrophages
Peryonies disease: histologic pattern
- fibrosis of the fascial sheath of one or both corpora cavernosae
- leads to curvature and pain with erection
- hyalinzed tissue with chronic inflammation, sometimes with calcification and ossification
caruncle subtypes
- telangiectatic type: consist mostly of granulation tissue

- inflammatory type: lymphs and lymphoid follicles
urethral polyps are ___ polyps of the __ urethra; usually attached in the ___ or adjacent to the ___
- congenital
- posterior urethra
- bladder neck
- adjacent to the verumontanum