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Phylum Hemichordata
Acorn Worm
Phylum Chordata
5 Characteristics: Dorsal tubular nerve cord, notochord, endostyle/thyroid pharyngeal gill slits, postanal tail
Subphylum Urochordata
Tunicates, Sea squirts
Subphylum Cephalochordata
Lancelets, Amphioxus
Rostrum, Buccal Cavity
Subphylum Vertebrata
Nerve Cord surrounded by cartilage/bony vertebra, endoskeleton, cranium
Superclass Agnatha
Which two classes?
Myxinoidea, Cephalospidomorphi
No paired fins, No v fin, pore= gill opening
Class Myxinoidea
Hagfish, no eyes, slime
Class Cephalospidomorphi
Lampreys, 7 gill slits, eyes
anadramous, 1 nostril on head
Superclass Gnathostomata
Paired fins, Jaws
Class Condrichtyes
Subclass Holocephali, Elasombranchii
Cartilage, no bone, placoid scales, fusiform, heterocercal tail
Class Osteichthyes
Subclass Actinopterygii, Scarcopterygii
Subclass Actinopterygii
Ray finned, advanced swim bladder and fins
Old= Neoteleosts
Subclass Scarcopterygii
Lobe finned, lung and gills
paired pelvic and pectoral
muscle support at joints
Class Amphibia
Thin, moist skin
Can have gills
Eyelids, lachrymal glands, ectothermic 10 cranial nerves
Class Amphibia---
What orders?
Caudata, Anura
Order Caudata
Similar Limbs at rt angle
Order Anura
Head/trunk fused
+ pressure, feign death, vocal cords, keratin, chromatophores
No temporal opening
2 Temporal Openings
reptiles, birds
1 temporal opening
Class Reptilia
Tough, dry skin, amniotic egg, jaw (powerful)
Class Reptilia
Waht subclasses?
Subclass Anapsid-Order Testudines
Subclass Diapsida-Order Squamata/Crocidilia
Order Testudines
bone and keratin shell fused with ribs/vertebra, dorsal carapace, ventral breastplate
NO teeth, endothermic
Order Squamata
What Suborders?
Sauria, Serpentenes
Suborder Sauria
Lizards, geckos, 4 limbs, ext ear, no skin glands, scales, TOENAILS, moveable eyelids
Suborder Serpentes
Snakes, limbless, no ext ear, Jacobson's organs, fangs= modified bone, ectothermic
Order Crocidilia
Alligator/Crocodiles, elongated skull, 4 chamber heart, big bone scales
Class Aves
Subclass Neomithes
Paleognathae, Neognathae
Superorder Paleognathae
Superoder Neognathae