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who was Edward Herman?
- co-author of "Manufacturing Consent"
in "Manufacturing Consent" what were some of the examples of worthy/unworthy victims in the eyes of America?
- Polish Priest (Popielusko)/worthy
- Romero/unworthy
why was Popielusko an worthy victim?
- bc he was standing for the spread of democracy and was a supporter of the solidarity movement

-killed by communist police
why was Romero considered an unworthy victim?
- bc he criticized both the extreme left and right for widespread killing and torture in El Salvador

-U.S. backed the troops
what did the media do in terms of Romero's death?
- they pretending like his murder was a complete mystery
what are the 4 filters in the media?
1. ownership
2. adverstising
3. sourcing
1. what is an ownership filter?
1. small amount of companies own a lot of media (more profit)
2. what is an advertising filter?
2. don't care about amount of viewers; care about $$ people have
3. what is a sourcing filter?
3. where one gets his/her information from
- co-op the experts
4. what is a FLACK filter?
4. group of researchers that come up with either news is too left/too right

*** any negative response to a media program