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what did European Imperialist countries tell the Africans during WWII?
- promised if they helped in the war, there would be more JOBS, MONEY, and AUTONOMY
Which two European countries had a liberating influence on Africa?
- Britain and France
What was the "Gold Coast" country?
- Ghana
what occurred during the riot of the "Forgotten Ally"?
- small colonial killings that lead to bigger riots
- veterans (colonized) of WWII, march against an English Government building
- people of the English colonies wanted independence
Who lead the nationalist uprising?
- Pluma
What is the belief of Pluma regarding independence?
- "independence is meaningless unless there is independence across the continent"
What did Tanzania practice early on in independence?
- African Socialism
did African socialism work in Tanzania?
No, because people would be put together with other random people, and may also be moved across the country by government orders
KENYA: what was the uprising called for independence in this nation?
- "Mau Mau"
What did white settlers believe the Keyans were like?
- blacks were just murdering savages
- they attacked farms in small groups
what was the result of the Kenyan uprising against British settlers?
- thousands of blacks are killed, only a few whites are killed

- British crushed the rebellion
Why did the Kenyans receive independence after their rebellion was crushed?
- there was poor relationships between settlers and the native kenyans
When Kenya received independence what did they keep?
- kept British standards for education, etc.
What was different about the indepence road for Nigeria?
- they received 10 years for the preparation for independence
What occurred during the independence uprising in the French colony of Algeria?
- 1 million african (Algerians) are killed
What the result of Algerian uprising?
- the adopted French government system
- also, neo-colonialism from France; political, military influence and control
What was valuable in Congo?
- industrial diamonds
Who was killed in Congo?
- the prime minister
What occurred in the Portugese colony of MOZAMBIQUE?
- army of FELIMA
- 150 delagates tried to compromise with the Portugese
Who was the leader of the independence uprising in MOZAMBIQUE (who was later assassinated)?
What was different about the 2nd MUNDIBLE?
- brilliant strategist, leader
what ended up occurring in Mozambique with promising leaders?
- they were either killed or turned greedy