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What role does gHG play in kids? in adults?
postnatal growth and development;
maintains lean body massbone density
What does gHg do during starvation?
rais blood glucoses and stimulates lipolysis and fat utilization
What is the intermediate for the effets of growth hormone? What is this secreted by?
Somatomedin (IGF); the liver
Where is hGh synthesized?
ant. pituitary cells called somatotropphs
Wwhat hormone induces synthesis and stimulates the secretion of hGh
Growth Hormone releasing Hormone
What does somatosatain do?
inhibits hGh synthesis and secretion and its effect on somatotrophs
What stimulate hGh?
2. protein, FFA, Glucose, Carlorie deficeincy
3. Puberty
4. Exercise
5. Stage 3 and 4 sleep
6. Physiological strees
7. Estrogens and Androgens
What inhibits hGh?
1. Somastininsomatomedins/
2. Increase in blood glucose/fatty acids
3. obesity
4. getting old
5. a lot of exta GH
what varies the secretion of hGh? 3 things
life span, circadian rhythm, gender differences
What are the metabolic effects?
1. Increase in protein synthesis
2. mobilization/use of fatty acids
3. elevated blood glucose level
What is required to see the effects of hGH?
1. normal levels of insulin
2. enough Carbohydrates and proteins