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the process of documenting knowledge, skills, attitudes, or beliefs in measurable terms.
Estimation of the magnitude of an attribute that reduces uncertainty (error)
-Score itself
Systematic determination of merit, worth, or significance of something
Assessment Task?
illustrative task or performance opportunity targeting instructional aims that allows students to demonstrate their progress and capabilities.
demand by a community to show that money spent on education has resulted in measurable learning
measure of consistency in the scores produced from an instrument.
the extent to which test measures the desired performance and appropriate inferences can be drawn from the results.
Formative Assessment ?
observations that allow one to determine the degree to which students are able to complete a task. Suggests future steps for teaching and learning.
Summative Assessment?
evaluation at conclusion of instruction to judge students’ skills on that instructional unit.
High-Stakes Test?
testing program having important consequences for students, teachers, schools, or districts. Usually summative in nature
Cognitive Domain?
knowledge-based. Exhibited by intellectual abilities
Affective Domain?
addresses a learner’s emotions, beliefs, attitudes, etc.
Psychomotor Domain?
refers to the use of basic motor skills and physical movement.
Achievement Test?
test designed to measure the extent of knowledge/skill a person has acquired, usually as a result of classroom instruction.
Aptitude Test?
test intended to measure the test-taker’s innate ability to learn.
Multidimensional Assessment?
assessment that gathers information about a broad spectrum of skills and abilities.
rating of a performance based on a scale or classification
Scoring Criteria?
rules for assigning a score on the dimensions of proficiency used to describe a student’s response to a task.
Objective test?
test for which the scoring procedure is completely specified
Standardized test?
specific type of objective test that is both given and scored in a uniform manner.
Subjective test?
test in which the impression or opinion of the scorer determines the score or evaluation of the performance
score interpretation in which a student’s or group’s performance is compared to that of a norm group.
Norm Group?
(random) group of participants selected by a test developer to take a test and provide a range of scores.
distribution of scores obtained from the norm group. The norm is the midpoint (median) of scores in that group.
score interpretation designed to determine progress toward mastery of content area. Performance is compared to an expected level of mastery in a content area rather than to scores of others.
statement about the level of performance that is “good enough” for a particular purpose
-Identifies the boundary between passing and failing.