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What should you use to Tie-down aircrafts?
Ropes or Chains that anchors into ground.
What is the best kind of rope to use when tieing down aircrafts?
If you use chains to tie down make sure?
snap doesn't carry load.
What kind of knots are used to secure aircrafts according to FAA?
Bowline Knot
What to use when tying down Helicopters?
"Blade Socks" used on Main and Tail rotors, tie skids to the ground.
What is a Hung Start?
Engine will not accelerate to idle RPM (hangs around 45%)
What is a Hot Start?
To much Air/fuel mixture- Not enough air through engine or too much fuel.
When taxiing what are the radio procedures when talking to ATC?
who you are calling
who you are
where you are
what you want
What is ILS? and what do you do when you see an ILS sign?
Instrument Landing System
area where aircrafts might interfere with navigation signals, must hold at this point
When towing aircrafts where are you to pull?
may pull on prop blades, But ONLY roots of blades
AVGAS is graded according to?
Octane Number
Performance Number
Current grades of AVGAS?
80,100,100LL(most pop.)
What are the major types of Turbine fuels used? and what is mostly in turbine fuels?
JET-A, Jet-A1, JET-B
Kerosene mixtures with some gasoline added.
What does the term Volatility mean?
ability of liquid to vaporize
What must you connect to Aircraft BEFORE fueling?
fuel truck to ground
aircraft to truck