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what part of mandible supports the lower toothrow?
aveolar part
coronoid process - location?
mental protuberance - location?
lingula - location?
mental spines - location?
mandibular foramen - what passes thru?
inferior aveolar n and a
mental foramen - what passes through?
mental n
temporal fascia - attachment?
superior temporal line
mandibular notch - what passes thu?
masseteric n and a
temporalis - function?
elevates jaw
retracts jaw (posterior fibers)
masseter - function?
elevates jaw
protracts jaw
temporalis - innervation?
masseter - innervation
the "ear" is also called:
what fibers are active during chewing (but not biting) and where can they be palpated?
posterior fibers of temporalis
-just above ear
boundaries of infratemporal region
-inferior to zygomatic arch
-medial to ramus of mandible
-lateral to pterygoid plate
-anterior to the condylar process of mandible
-posterior to infratemporal surface of maxilla
temporalis - insertion?
infratemporal region
infratemporal region - contents
-insertion for temporalis
-medial and lateral pterygoid mm
-maxillary a
-pterygoid plexus
medial pterygoid m - origin
medial surface of ramus of mandible
medial pterygoid m - function
-elevates mandible
-protracts mandible
lateral pterygoid m - origin
-lateral pterygoid plate
-greater wing of sphenoid
lateral pterygoid m - insertion
-neck of mandible
-articular disc of TMJ
lateral pterygoid m - function
-draw mandible and disc foward when mouth is opened
maxillary a is a terminal branch of what artery?
external carotid a
superficial temporal a is a terminal branch for what artery?
external carotid a
pterygoid plexus - a large network of _____ between _____ and _____.
-lateral pterygoid
pterygoid plexus - location?
between cavernous sinus and facial v
maxillary has how many parts? they are named according to what muscle?
3 parts
-lateral pterygoid m
maxillary a - 1st part - starts where?
lateral and inferior to lateral pterygoid
maxillary a - 1st part - branches?
1)deep auricular a
2)anterior tympanic a
3)inferior aveolar a
4)middle meningeal a
inferior aveolar a - has a large branch that enters where?
mandible via manibular foramen
middle meningeal a - called what?
principal a of the calvarium
middle meningeal a - damage causes?
epidural hemmorage
maxillary a - 2nd part - branches / examples?
muscular branches (temporal aa)
maxillary a - supplies?
muscles of mastication
maxillary a - 3rd part - starts where?
right before the maxillary a enters the pterygopalatine fossa, passing through pterygomaxillary fissue
maxillary a - 3rd part - supplies what areas?
-superior aveolar area
-infraorbital area
-pharyngeal areas
TMJ - what kind of joint?
TMJ - what separates the superior and inferior compartments?
fibrocartilaginous articular disc
lateral pterygoid - attachment?
articular disc
neck of mandible
TMJ - bony landmarks?
-head of mandible
-mandibular fossa
-articular tubercle
-postglenoid tubercle
TMJ - postglenoid tubercle function?
prevents backward movement of head of mandible
superior compartment of TMJ - function?
-allows wide gape
-gliding of articular tubercle when mouth opens
inferior compartment of TMH - function
lateral TM ligament - function?
restriction of lateral movement of TMJ
TMJ - accessory ligaments?
-sphenomandibular ligament
-stylomandibular ligament
protraction of right side of jaw will swin chin to _____, and is accomplished by "forced couple" - which muscles?
-right later pterygoid
-right posterior temporalis
muscles of mastication - elevation?
-medial pterygoid
muscles of mastication - depression
-lateral pterygoid
muscles of mastication - protraction
-medial and lateral pterygoids
-deep part of masseter
muscles of mastication - retraction
-posterior temporalis