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What are the 7 layers of the GI tract? (4 w/ 3 sub)
1 - mucosa
1a - epith
1b - lamina propria
1c - muscularis mucosa
2 - submucosa
3 - muscularis externa
4 - serosa
What is a specialization of the oral cavity?
Secretes enzymes to breakdown starch/fat and lysozyme
What is a specialization of esophagus?
expands, endure wear/tear of ROUGH food, secrete mucus to lubricate
What is a specialization of stomach?
mechanically breakdown amino-acid chains, has extra oblique muscle layer, HCL,
What is a specialization of SI?
digest proteins/fats/carbs and absorb small molecules
has villi/microvilli, and proteases
What is a specialization of colon
absorb water/electrolytes, compact feces, secrete mucus to lubricate
What are mucins?
Glycoproteins that have sugar side chains to attract water and can coat food when secreted
Is esophagus smooth or striated?
Both - striated upper 1/3, smoooth lower
What specialization does the stomach have, allowing it to expand?
RUGAE - folds
A - stomach columnar cells
B - esophagus strat squamos
BRunner's gland is found where?
Duodenum, secrete mucus and zymogen, to neutralize stomac acid
Where are Crypts of Lierberkuhn located, besides the SI?
Colon -
Liver section
A - Portal canals
B - central vein
C - sinusoid
What type of liver cell stores Vitamin A in liipid droplets?
Ito cell
How are Kuppfer cells identified?
they take up carbonm
what organ stores/concentrattes bile?
What layers does the gall bladder lack?
Submucosa, muscularis mucosae
How does the gallbladder concentrate bile?
It pumps Na out, water follows
How is the pancreas an exocrine gland?
Secrtest digestive enzymes into gut
What are the 3 endocrine cells of the pancreas? what do they secrete?
Alpha - glucagon
Beta - insulin
D - somatostatin