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What is the purpose of our Fraternity?
The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega shall be to assemble college students in a national service fraternity in the fellowship of principles derived from the Scout Oath and Law of the Boy Scouts of America; to develop leadership, to promote friendship, and to provide service to humanity; and to further the freedom that is our national, educational, and intellectual heritage.
Know Robert’s Rules (i.e. – how do you make a motion?)
1. Brother raises hand
2. SAAs recognize brother
3. Brother makes a motion
4. SAAs repeat motion and ask for a second
5. Another brother seconds
6. SAAs ask for discussion
7. SAAs put the motion to vote
8. SAAs announce the results
Write out the Toast Song.
Here’s to Alpha Phi Omega, loyal brothers we,
True to self and to each other, firm in loyalty
Daily working, daily striving, ever more to be,
Men of Alpha Phi Omega, our fraternity.

Brothers clasp the hands of brothers, strong the circle we,
Ever mindful ever serving all humanity
Now we raise our grateful voices in our song to thee
Men of Alpha Phi Omega, may we always be.
What are the 4 pledge program objectives?
1. To serve as an introduction to Alpha Phi Omega
2. To inform you about the Fraternity – past and present
3. To allow you to qualify in Leadership, Friendship, and Service
4. To give you, as a pledge, and the chapter a trial period during which the chapter can decide if it wants to invite you to become a brother and you can decide if you want to accept such an invitation
Who were the past 5 presidents? List them in order from most recent to oldest.
Chew term: Andy Nguyen
Chandler term: Jeffrey Kwong
Luong Term: JD Gatto
McKenzie Term: Jhonatan Paredes
Jaromay term: Jason Kong
Krenek term: Isaac Liao, Monlia Wu
What is the Scout Oath?
“On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.”
What are the 3 purposes of the National Convention?
1. To enact legislation for the development and expansion of the Fraternity
2. To create fellowship, promote exchange of ideas for service projects, and discuss chapter operations among brothers from across the nation
3. To develop the leadership ability of the brothers in attendance, through service on committees and participation in seminars and workshops.
What is the Scout Law?
A Scout is: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.
Who are the chapters in our section, and what are their Greek letters?
UC Santa Cruz: A Γ N
University of the Pacific: Α Α Ξ
University of San Francisco: Α Ε N
Chico State University: Η Ψ
San Jose State University: Γ B
University of California, Berkeley: Γ Γ
University of California, Davis: I Φ
Sacramento State University: K Σ
San Francisco State University: M Z
CSU East Bay: O Z
Stanford University: Z
Who are our little bro chapters? (Greek Letters and School Names)
Sacramento State – K Σ
UC Irvine – P P
University of the Pacific: Α Α Ξ
Name all 14 founding fathers (First and Last Names only)
Frank Horton
Everett Probst
E.M. Detwiler
Thane Cooley
Lewis Blair
William Wood
Donald Terwilliger
Gordon Looney
William Highberger
Donald Fritts
Elisworth Dobson
George Olsen
Herbert Heinrich
Robert Green
Who were the last 5 DSK Recipients?
Michelle Jaromay,Dinh Luong, Joseph Milligan, Drew Mayen, Krista Fong, Aaron Lipton
Who was our chapter’s first president?
William A. Sparks
What are our Region and Section, and who are the respective chairs?
Region X – Craig Tanner
Section IV – Kevin Lowe
Who is “The Chief”?
H. Roe Bartle
When was Iota Phi founded and later re-chartered?
Founded on May 27th, 1951
Re-chartered on September 20th, 1962
When and where was the first ritual ceremony held?
Date: December 16, 1925
Location: Brainerd Hall in Lafayette College
What buildings on campus were named after Iota Phi Alumni?
Ryerson, Mrak, and Hutchison
Who are our little bro chapters? (Greek Letters and School Names)
Sacramento State – K Σ
UC Irvine – P P
University of the Pacific: Α Α Ξ
Which convention and what year were women voted into the fraternity?
The 1976 National Convention in Atlanta, GA.
Who are the national President and vice President?
President: Mark Stratton
Vice President: John Ottenad