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Greek word for time

Chronology: the study of measureing time and figuring out the correct order and date of events.
A greek word meaning sound.

Phonograph: an insturment that produces sound from records. A record player
A greek root that means study of

Logograph: a single character or a group of characters representing a whole word.
Gram or Graph
A greek root word which means to write
Graphoscope: a computer display unit on which the information shown can be changed by the use of a light pen
Greek word meaning animal

Zoogeography: study of where animals live on the earth.
Greek word meaning big or large.

Megaphone: a large funnel shaped device used to help make a voice louder or to be heard in the distance.
A greek word meaning far away

Telescope: an instrument that is made up of lenses and a tube, used for making distant objects appear coser and larger.
Meter or Metron
Greek root that means measure

Metrology: the study of weights and measures.
Greek root that means light

Photobiology: the study of how light or the sun's energy effects life.
Micro or Mikros
Greek root for small

Microbe: a living organism of very small size (a germ)

Microscope: an instrument with a lens or lenses that makes very small things look larger.
Video or vision
Latin word meaning to see.

Videophone: a telephone used with a television camera and screen, so people talking on the telephone can see each other.
Greek word meaning wheel/circle

Cyclometer: an instrument that measures the distance that a wheel travels, by recording the amout of circles it makes, while it is turning
Latin word meaning water

Aquascope: a device to see underwater.
A latin word meaning under.

Submit: to give in to the power, control, or authority of another.