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Arion of Corinth- what did he do?
Took dithyramb and inserted passages with dialogue.
Arion of Corinth- what is his famous story?
his sailors tried to rob him of his prize money. he sings a song and calls a dolphin and rides to safety!!
Thespis of Icaria
winner of the first city of Dionysia. first man to step out of the chorus. considered first actor.
historian in 5th century. father of history.
father of drama.
Aeschylus' plays (7)
Agemennon, the suppliants, the persians, seven against thebes, promethus bound, the oresteia, the choephori, the eumenides.
Aeschylus' death
death by turtle.
Aeschylus' accomplishments
introduced second actor (established tension), cause and effect to plotline, mans relationship to god (thereby citystate), reduces chorus from 50-13- represents audience onstage)
Aeschylus' themes
revenge of the rule of law.
Sophocles of Colonus
Ajax, antigone, oedipus rex, electra, trachiniae, philoctetes, oedipus at colonus, trackers.
Sophocles - contributions
third actor (balance of power- voice of reason), psychology of character, all comes back to plot.
Sophocles death
died in sleep.
Modern man, emulated today, popular after death, recluse, martial problems
Euripides' plays
Medea, Electra, Hippolytus, Orestes, The Bacchae, The cyclops, helen, the trojan woman, the supplaints.
Euripides contributions
god treats with skepticism, sympathetic treatment of woman, realism (mixture of comedy and tragedy), psychological motivation, violence and sensational, rich characters