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pertaining to, like, belonging to, having the character of
-an (-ian)
pertaining to, like, one connected with
-ous (-ious)
full of, pertaining to, like
-ic, -tic (-ac after i)
pertaining to, like
-ics, -tics
art, science, or study of
-oid, -ode
like, having the shape of
-emia (-hemia)
condition of the blood, congestion of blood
science of, systematic study of
dissolution of or by, surgical division or separation
madness for or about
disease of, treatment of disease of or by
abnormal fear of
treatment of or by
surgical operation on, surgical cutting of
surgical removal of
condition of the urine
-genous, -genic
producing, produced
solid figure having a (specified) number of faces
diseased condition (often refers to an infestation by parasites)
instrument for measuring, measure
art or science of measuring
science of, system of laws governing
having a house or dwelling
-philous, -philic
loving, thriving in, pollinated by the agency of
formation, plastic surgical operation
abnormal flow or discharge of
the making of a surgical opening
means of, place for
-ist, -ast
one who
-te, -t
one who, that which
specialist in, practitioner of
-ia, -y
state of, condition of, quality of
-ism, -ismus
condition of, belief in
-sis, -sia, -sy, -se
act of, process of, result of the act of
-tic, -stic
pertaining to the act or process of
-ma, -m, -me, -mat-
result of the act of
-oma, -omat-
usually "tumor arising in or composed of," occasionally "swelling containing," rarely "diseased condition," "result of"
diseased condition of, act of, process of
inflammation of, inflammatory disease of
part, lining or enveloping tissue, region
individual, person
-idae, -ida, -id
descended from, related to
-ium, -ion
-idium, -idion
-arium, -arion
-isk, -iscus
to make, to treat, to do something with