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to do, do as, imitate (verbal)
-tes, -ter, -tor, -ist
the agent, he who, that which (noun)
action, process, condition (noun)
condition (usually morbid) (noun)
action, process, condition (noun)
action, process, condition (noun)
quality, condition (noun)
result of action
swelling or tumor (result of morbid action) (noun)
result of action (noun)
result of action, condition, doctorine (noun)
-ion, idion, arion, iscos
small, diminuitive (noun)
-ides, -idea, -ida
descended from; related to
capability, fitness, pertaining to
-icos, -acos
relation, firness, ability
belonging to, of the nature of
condition, usually an inflammation
-oid, -oides, -odes
like, in the shape of
belonging or related to; "the part which"