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soul guides; helpers are always pacified enemies
a horse; birthed by the gorgon at the time of her decapitation.

only belleraphon, perseus, and chrysaor ride him.
a giant; born from decapitation of medusa, like pegasus.

decadent version of perseus.
"man queen"; chained to a rock by her father, cepheus.

perseus rescues and marries her.
father of andromeda
son of akrisios, king of argos.

tried to get lykia to kill bellerophontes when he supposedly tried to rape proitos's wife, anteia, but lykia wouldn't do it.
wife of proitos.
fell in love with bellerophontes. when he refused her advances, she told proitos he had tried to force himself.
corinthian name for perseus story.

fought the chimaera (she-goat) and defeated it.

see: anteia, proitos
a.k.a. anteia, wife of proitos... rejected by bellerophone
part lion, part goat, part serpent.

bellerophon fights her.
always has a lion skin and a club. formerly a consort of the goddess. has a magical bow and intoxicating arrows.

name means "hera's man"

father = zeus, amphitryon
mother = alkmede
brother = iphicles

hera sent serpents into their cradle, herakles kills them (killing his former self)... hera makes him lose his mind. he kills his wife and children, prays to apollo for guidance... serves eurystheus, king of tirns and mycenae, for 12 years.

has no anima.
king of tiryns and mycenae.
herakles serves him.
mother of herakles.
canonic cycle of 12 labors: herakles
1. nemean lion
2. hydra of lerna
3. birds of lake stymphalos
4. bull of crete
5. cernaean hind
6. amazons
7. erymanthian boar
8. king diomedes, man-eating mares
9. geryoneus, cattlelord
10. golden apple in garden of hesperides
11. cerberus
12. cleansed stables at augeus
nemean lion (herakles's 1st labor)
found in a cave.

herakles vs. antithetical self.

lion = toxic plant = addiction

as the lion retreats into the cave, you follow in darkness

herakles beat the lion before succumbing to the darkness/sleepiness

wears the lion skin as a trophy
hydra of lerna (herakles's 2nd labor)
in a spring, sanctuary sacred to hera

looks like a tree - heads multiply when cut off.

with the help of iolaus, herakles cuts off heads and singes off ends with a torch. after defeating it, they covered the body with a rock.
birds of lake stymphalos (herakles's 3rd labor)
this lake = entrance to underworld

herakles rids lake of flock of birds with his poisoned arrows
bull of crete (herakles's 4th labor)
minotaur of minos, herakles easily outwrestled
cernaean hind (herakles's 5th labor)
pet of artemis. herakles chased it and plucked its golden antlers. when he crossed to the other world, they turned into the olive tree.
amazons (herakles's 6th labor)
herakles killed the queen amazon, hippolyte, and retreived her belt for eurystheus. then he fought a battle with his friends against the amazons.
erymanthian boar (herakles's 7th labor)
herakles stayed with pholos while looking for the boar. after drinking centaur wine, herakles fights the centaurs.

pholos - accidentally killed
chiron - intoxicated

herakles brings the terrorizing boar to eurystheus
king diomedes, man-eating mares (herakles's 8th labor)
herakles fed diomedes to his own man-eating mares
geryoneus, cattlelord (herakles's 9th labor)
herakles had to travel to the end of the world to find geryoneus. he created 2 mountains on the way, with the strait of gibraltar between them. herakles struggled to bring the cattle back to eurystheus.
golden apple in garden of hesperides (herakles's 10th labor)
herakles had to hold up the world while atlas got the apples for him
cerberus (herakles's 11th labor)
herakles goes to the underworld to get cerberus, the 3-headed dog... the toxin wolfsbane turns dog into a wolf. herakles goes to underworld, wrestles cerberus into submission. took cerberus back to eurystheus, put it in a wine vat with the erymanthian boar
3-headed dog, appears in herakles's 11th labor... wrestles with herakles
"comes against you"
found in a doorway, africa
the opposite of herakles
mother = earth

herakles wrestles him, but instead of throwing him to the ground he must keep him off the ground because the earth gives him more strength
a symbolic form of combat - enemies who belong together

you wrestle your antithetical self
companion of the goddess
merman in lake in africa from which athena rose in the old world
alternative father of herakles. accidentally kills his wife's uncle and they must flee from thebes. when they flee, zeus disguises self as amphitryon and sleeps with alkmede.
brother of herakles
son of alkmede
son of iphicles, nephew of herakles. assists herakles in his 12 labors.
king of tiryns and mycenae. herakles must perform the 12 labors for him after killing his wife and children.

hera wants him to be an olympian, but herakles usurps him by performing the labors
centaur, friend of herakles.

centaurs got drunk, started fight with herakles, he accidentally shot pholos and chiron
the only good centaur, friend of herakles.

he can't die - poisoned arrows intoxicate him.

is given mortality by prometheus.
king of thessaly.

raped cloud nymph, nephele, thinking it was hera... this produced the race of centaurs
strait of gibraltar
created by herakles when he had to travel to the end of the world to steal the cattle of geryoneus.

herakles created the strait of gibraltar to run between the two mountains he created.
mythical king of egypt

sacrificed all strangers who set foot on his shores

herakles was seized by him and would've been sacrificed were it not for his immense strength, with which he broke his chains and slew busiris
son of tantalus
killed, served as food to the gods

killed myrtalus, oenomaus's charioteer
oinomaois (oenomaus)
hippodameia's father. would kill her suitors.

pelops wins her by racing oneomaus and fixing his chariot.

he was dragged to death.
oenamaus's charioteer
curses pelops's house in his dying breath
kills his son, pelops, serves him as food to the olympians.

he is put in the underworld.
water would recede when he tried to drink from the river, fruit blows away when he tries to reach it.
temple of zeus and hera
adjacent to the grove that herakles planted
round building, shaped like beehive
roman emperor in the 1st century c.e.

thought he was a god
athletic contests - general
ritualized war.

orig. for aristocratic families who could afford to feed athletes and have sons not work.

winning became important, cities began to pay for athletes.

music accompanied games.
athletic contest

races, weighed down with armor
raising weights
athletic contest

showing superiority of earth and power of gravity

significance: zeus tortured hera by hanigng her from heaven and putting weights on her ankles - power of earth (gravity) turned against her
athletic contest

free from pull of earth
by manipulating weights, you can gain momentum
athletic contest

boxing gloves were weighted, use nature as weapon
athena nika
victory in athletic contest

she crowns you after victory

pacified version of gorgon medusa
apollo v. herakles
herakles winning back his olympian heritage. they are enemies.
apollo reorients shamanic pathway through mt.parnassus
asklepios, ion
apollo often asks people to lose on his behalf
former identity of apollo

herakles fights him, who is stronger with contact of the earth