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What was Poseidon's roman name?
Poseidon (Neptune)
What belonged to Poseidon?
The Lord and Rules of the Sea (the Mediterranean) and the Friendly Sea (The Euxine, now the Black Sea) and underground rivers, too, were his.
Besides being a god of the waters, what else was Ocean?
A Titan
What was Ocean the lord of?
Lord of the river Ocean, a great river encircling the earth
What were Ocean's sons?
His sons were the gods of all the rivers on earth
What were Ocean's daughters?
His daughters – Oceanids – the nymphs of this great river
What is Pontus translated as?
the Deep Sea
Who was Pontus the son of?
Mother Earth
Who was Pontus the father of?
Father of Nereus – a sea-god far more important than he himself was
What was Nereus also known as?
Called the Old Man of the Sea (the Mediterranean)
What were Nereus's character traits?
Trusty and gentle – his thoughts are always kind – he never lies
Who were Nereus's wife?
His wife was a daughter of Ocean – they had 50 daughters – the nymphs of the Sea
Who was Triton?
The trumpeter of the Sea
What was Triton's trumpet made of?
His trumpet was a gold shell
How was Proteus connected to Poseidon?
Either Poseidon’s son or attendant
What were Proteus's powers?
Powers to foretell the future and to change his shape at will
Who were The Naiads?
Water nymphs – dwelt in brooks and springs and fountains
Who was Leaucothea?
Once a mortal – became divinity of the sea – unimportant character