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What was Ocean?
The river that was supposed to encircle the earth
Who was Tethys?
Ocean's wife?
What was Cronus's roman name?
Cronus (Saturn)
Who did Cronus rule over? Until when?
Ruled over the other Titans until Zeus dethroned him and seized the power for himself
What time period did Cronus bring? What was it?
Saturn then fled to Italy and brought in the Golden age (a time of perfect peace and happiness, which lasted as long as he reigned)
Who was Cronus's son?
Who was Hyperion?
The father of the sun, moon, and dawn
What is Mnemosyne translated as?
What is Themis translated as?
Who were Iapetus's sons?
Important because of his sons (Prometheus, Epimetheus, Menoetius, and Atlas by Clymene)
Who was Atlas?
He bore the world on his shoulders
Who was Prometheus?
Savior of mankind