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Mount Olympus
Mount in Greece
– NOT heaven –
Entrance = Gate of clouds kept by the Seasons
– Beautiful sun-shinny place

Ate nectar & Ambrosia

Listened to Apollo’s Lyre
What Was Zeus's Roman Namme?
Zeus – Jupiter
What was Zeus also known as?
Lord of Sky,
Rain God,
Cloud Gatherer
What did Zeus hold?
Thunder Bolt
What were some of Zeus's traits?
Deceitful (but also fair to man AND deceitful as well)

Powerful Over All Gods – Not Him Alone
What was Zeus's breatplace, bird,& tree?
Breast Plate – Aegis
Bird – Eagle
Tree - Oak
What was Poseidon's roman name?
Poseidon – Neptune
What was Poseidon also known as?
Ruler of Sea – the sea played an important role…people looked to Poseidon

Earth shaker
What did Poseidon hold?
Held Trident which he used to shake and shatter
Who was Poseidon related to & who was his wife?
Zeus’s brother – 2nd Brother

Wife – Amphitrite  granddaughter of the Titan Ocean
Where did Poseidon Live?
Palace under the sea  visited Olympus more
What was Poseidon's way of transportation?
Golden Chariot
What did Poseidon give to man?
Gave first horse to man – created the horse
What were Poseidon's animals?
Bulls & Horses
What was Hades roman name?
Hades – Pluto
Who was Hades related to & who was his wife?
Zeus’s Brother – 3rd Brother

Wife – Persephone  carried away from earth – made queen of the Underworld/Hell
What was Hades also known as?
Ruler of Underworld/ Hell

AKA: Pluto, the God Wealth – of the precious metals hidden of the Earth (translated name: “dis” – rich)

King of the Dead – Not death itself
What were Hades characteristics?
Terrible Guy, but fair-
What did Hades wear?
Hat/Helmet – Made you invisible
Where did Hades live?
The Underworld, Rarely Visited Olympus or Earth
What was Hestia's roman name?
Hestia – Vesta
Who was Hestia related to?
She was Zeus's sister
What was Hestia also known as?
Virgin Goddess

AKA: Goddess of Hearth, Symbol of Home
What was Hestia's character traits?
No Distinct Personality
How was Hestia respected?
Every meal began and ended with an offering to her
What was Hera's roman name?
Hera - Junno
Who was Hera realted to & who was her husband
Zeus's siter & wife
Who was Hera raised by?
Ocean & Tethys Raised her
What was Hera also known as?
Protector of Marriage – Cared for Married Women
How did Hera feel towards Zeus's flirtatiousness?
Punished Women (and their children) who fell in love with him…or that were tricked by him…into falling in love with him
How did Hera help other goddesses?
Was the goddess that married women turned to for help
Who was Hera's daughter and what did she do?
Hera’s daughter Ilithyla – helped women in childbirth
What was Hera's animal & city?
Animals – Cow & Peacock

Argos - City
What was Ares roman name?
Ares – Mars
What was Ares also known as?
AKA: God of War
Who were Ares's parents and how did they feel towards him?
Son of Zeus & Hera – Hated by parents
What were Ares's characters traits?
No distinct personality
What was Ares's bird & animal?
Bird: Vulture

Animal: Dog
What was Athena's roman name?
Athena – Minerva
Who was Athena's father & how?
Daughter of Zeus – No Mother bore her – Sprung from his head
What was Athena also known as?
Goddess of the City

Protector of Civilized Life, of Handicraft, and of Agriculture

Inventor of Bridle, who first tamed horses for man to use

AKA: Grey-Eyed/Flashing Eyed
What was Athena trusted with?
Zeus’s Favorite Child – Trusted her with Thunderbolt and Aegis
Out of the three virgin goddesses, what was Athena known as?
Of the three virgin goddesses she was the Chief – was known as the maiden, and parthenos
What was Athena's temple?
Temple: the Parthenon
What was Athena a perfect example of?
Perfect Example of Wisdom, Reason, & Purity
What was Athena's city, tree, & bird?
City: Athens
Tree: Olive – Created by her
Bird: Owl
What was Apollo's roman name & what does it mean?
Apollo – Phoebus – meaning brilliant or shinning
Where was Apollo born?
Born on Island of Delos
What was Apollo also known as?
AKA: Arcture God – Far Shooting,
the Healer – First taught men the healer art,
God of Light,
God of Trust,
Delian- from Delos,
Pythian- from his killing of a serpent,
Lycian- meaning Wolf God, Sminthian – the Mouse God, Sun god

Most greek of all the gods - as far as beauty

The master musician who plays on Golden Layer in Olympus

Lord to silver bow
How was Apollo portrayed in Greek poetry?
a Beautiful figure
What was one character triat of Apollo?
Never lies
What was Apollo's Tree & animals?
Tree: Laurel
Animals: Dolphins & Crow
What was Aphrodite's roman name?
Aphrodite – Venus
What was Aphrodite also known as?
AKA: Goddess of Love & Beauty - The Laughter, Loving Goddess, who laughed sweetly or mockingly at those her wills had conquered,
The irresistible Goddess, Cytherea or Cyprian, Beautiful Golden Goddess
Who was Aphrodite's parents? How?
Daughter of Zeus & Dione – some say she sprung from the foam of the sea  Aphros = translated from Greek – foam, Aphrodite – the foam risen
What was Aphrodite's tree & bird?
Tree: Myrtle
Bird: Dove, Sparrow, & Swan
What was Hermes roman name?
Hermes – Mercury
What were Hermes's character traits?
Graceful & Swift of motion – on his feet were winged sandals & wings were also on his low crowned hat & on his magic wand – The caduceus

Most cunning – Master thief
What was Hermes position?
Zeus's messenger
What was Hermes also known as?
AKA: God of Commerce & the market, Guide of the Dead, the Divine Herald – led souls down to their last home
Wat was Artemis's roman name?
Artemis – Diana
What was Artemis also known as?
AKA: Cynthia – From birthplace, Mount Cynthus in Delos, Lady of Wild Things, Protector of Dewy Youth, Moon – Luna in Latin, Goddess of Crossways
How was Artemis portrayed in Greek Mythology?
Greek Poetry – known as Hecate – Goddess with three forms – goddess of the dark of the moon – the black nights when the moon is hidden
What were Artemis's chartacter traits?
Fierce and Revengeful

She is both good and evil
What was Artemis's possition?
Huntsmen in Chief to the gods
What was Artemis's tree & animals?
Tree: Cyprus
Animals: Wild Animals + Deer
What was Hephastus's roman name?
Hephastus – Vulcan & Mulciber
What was Hephastus also known as?
AKA: the God of Fire, God Ceremony – When children were formally emitted to the city organization
Who were Hephastus's parents?
Son of Zeus & Hera – OR just Hera alone
What were Hephastus's traits?
Lame & Ugly
Where did Hephastus live?
Lived under volcano