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What was Eros's roman name?
Eros (Cupid)
What was Eros the god of?
What does Eros represent?
Represents of Blindfolded – Love = Blindness
How was Eros portrayed?
Beautiful, Serious Young who gives gifts to men
How was Eros later portrayed in Greek poetry?
Later poets describe Cupid as mischievous
What were Proteus's powers?
Powers – foretelling future and changing shape at will
Who was Iris?
Goddess of Rainbow/Messenger of Gods
Who were the graces the daughters of?
Daughters of Zeus & Eurynome
What is a key word for the graces?
Triple encarnation
Who were the graces companions with?
Companions of muses – together they are called the queens of song
How many muses were there?
Who were the muses the daughters of?
Daughters of Zeus & Mnemosyne
What song did the muses sing?
Sang the Song of Happiness
What was Hebe the goddess of?
Who was Hebe married to?
What was Hebe's position towards the gods?
Cup Barrer