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where do the gos live
mount Olympus
where do the greek gods live
Mount Olympus
what is mother earths name
what is father heavens name
who were the first three sons
50 headed and 100 armed monsters
the next the sons were
the 6 doughters and sons next were
whos is cronus
a titan
whos is cronus
a titan
whos was the wife of cronus
the strongest and the bravest tiatn that lead them to fight the father was
who were the sons and doughters of cronus and raya
Zues,posiedon,Hadies,Hara,Hestia and Demeter
what was zues god of?
all the gods and lightning
what was poseidon god of
the sea
what was hadies god of
the underworld
Demeter was the goddess of
the harvest
Hara was the goddess of
marrage and protector of women
hestia was the goddess of
harth and home
how many sons and doughters did zues have
Hebe was the goddess of
eternal youth and is the cup bereal
Apollo and artemis are
apollo is the god of
light , music,poetry,meidacine and was a fine marks man
Artemis is the goddess of
hunting and unmarried girls
Athena is the goddess of
wisdom and arts and crafts and protecter heroes in battle in couses of just
Hephaestus is the go of
fire was the only god that was ugly but peaceloving good craftsman and blcksmiths and carpenter
Aphrodite goddess of
love and buety wife of hephaestus not daughter of zues
Hermes god of
the shepers, merchants,travelers,theifs and messenger gos and guides dead to underworld
ares was the god
of war
Dionysus was the god of
wine and youngest son