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Perseus and Danee were banished to Seriphus. The King of Seriphus fell in love with Dannee, but wanted to get rid of Perseus, so Perseus was sent to kill Medusa.
The gods help Perseus by giving him many different tools to help him with many different tasks. He went to the 3 sisters who lent them their eye and tooth, and then killed Medusa by cutting her head off.
Returning home with Medusa's head using the winged sandals, Perseus saw Andromeda chained to a rock, and killed the monster.Andrometors suitors were turned to stone, and when he returned to Seriphus, the turned the king to stone, and gave the head of Medusa to Minerva.
Hercules is the son of Zues and Alcemene-the daugher of King Myconae. Here is in Jealous rage, and tries to kill Hercules.
In adult hood, Herea cast a spell on Hercules that made him insane, and made him kill his wife and children. Minerva-in payment for his crime, sent Hercules to be a servant for king Eurystheus. Eurystheus sends Hercules to complete twelve impossible tasks like Hydra the water serpant, and Cerebus, the three headed monster.
Hercules's wife Dienaria kidnapped by a centaur. Hercules slayed Nessus, and Hercules later loves someone else. Dienaria gave him a shirt stepped in in Nessus blook, and Hecules died.
Theseus is son of king Ageus of Athens. Father hides sword and sandals under rock for Theseus to get when he's older. Gets sword and sandals, and travels to Athens and slays bad guys
Every year, Athens sent 14 young men and women to Crete as a tribute to the king. Theseus volunteered to be one of them. Adriane, the daughter of King Minos, fell in love with Theseus, and helped him slay the Minotaur in the Labyrinth by giving him a string to get back. He takes Adriane with him on his return
Theseus sails back to Athens, but leaves Adriane for Baccus on an island. Theseus is supposed to change the sails to white to show his father that he was alive, but he forgot, and Ageus was so upset that that he jumped off a cliff into what is now called the Agean Sea.
Jason was the heir to the throne of Thessalay. The King, Pelius didnt want Jason to be king, so he convinced Jason to leave and attempt dangerous tasks.
Jason returned home with bride. Medea kills her brother on voyage home. Persuades Pelius's daugheters to kill Pelius. Lather, she poisons Jason's new wife and kills her own cheldren, fleeing to Athens.
Born in theives, an Oracle predicts Oedipus will kill his father and marry his own mother. The king orders a servant to kill him. The servant leaves him for the dead, he is found, then taken to Corinth. Oedipus grows to manhood in Corinth, but hears of the prophecy for the second time.
On his way to Thebes, He unknowingly encounters his real father and kills him. He also solved the riddle of the sphinx. The people of Thebes rewarded him with the throne and the hand of the queen (Oedipus's mother) Oedipus and the peple of Thebes find out the oracle was true. Oedipus puts his eyes out and wonders with Antigone. Leaving Etocles and Polynices to rule Thebes. Etocles refuses to give up the power. The two brothers fight until the death. Creon, an uncle, fakes the throne and rfuses to let Polynices's body to be buried. Antigone rebels and is buried alive. Creon's son is in love with Antigone,a dn kills himself in grief. Creon realizes his mistake too late.
Jealosy, favor of the gods