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First to introduce iron weapons to the Greeks
Greek city-state
someone who takes power by force and rules with total authority
all citizens share in running the government
a few people hold power in running the government
Spartan's captive workers
upper class citizens that runs the government
The people of Persian lived in what is today ____________.
southwestern Iran
This leader unite the Persians into a powerful kingdom
Cyrus the Great
This leader came to the throne in 521 B.C., where he reorganized the government to make it work better.
Darius son is _________.
Who brought 180,000 troops and thousands of warships and supply vessels to invade Greek?
"Who brought 180,000 troops and thousands of warships and supply vessels to invade Greek?"

Why did the leader brought so many troops?
For revenge after Darius lost.
What happened in Marathon?
Persian fleet landed 20,000 soldier on this island. Where the Athens waited and not fighting the Persian. The Persians got tired of waiting so they left. When they left they put their strongest men to the ship first. After all the horseman, calvery, went upon the ship. The Athenians attacked the Persians and won that battle. Later Pheidippides ran 25 miles from Marathon to Athens where he collapsed from exhaustion and announced "victory" just before he died.
What happened in Salmis?
Greek fleet attacked the Persian fleet in the strait of Salmis. Greeks ship moved faster, easier, and is smaller than the Persian therefore they had a upper hand. After the battle the Greeks won.
What happened in Plataea?
The greek army crushed the Persian army causing them to retreat and ammit defeat.
People gather at mass meetings to decide on government matters. Every citizen can vote firthand on laws and policies.
Direct Democracy
Citizens choose a smaller group to make laws and governmental decisions on their behalf.
representative democracy
The state of being allied or confederated
The leading figure in Athenian politics was a general named __________.
The war between Sparta and their allies and Athens and their allies.
Peloponessian War
Athens joined with other city-states to form _________. Incase the Persia ever tried to conquer them again.
Delian Leaque
Sparta joined with other city-states to form _________. Incase the Persia ever tried to conquer them again.
Peloponessian Leaque
Explain what made Cyrus the Great unique.
He treated the people he conquer well. And he united the Persians to become a powerful kingdom.
Describe the Peloponessian War.
1. Who was involved?
2. Why were they fighting?
3. Who won?
4. Why did they won?
1. Sparta and their allies
Athens and their allies
2. When Athens form their Delian leaque the Athens started to control the other city-states within that leaque, which they couldn't fight back. So later Sparta and their allies starts to think that Athens is gaining to much power so they fought.
3. Sparta
4. - A deadly disease spread through the city of Atens killing many of the people
- Lots of leaders died from the disease including Pericles
- Sparta made a deal with the Persian Empire
Name some contrast of Sparta and Athens
Sparta is more into power and Athens is into Beauty.
Athens boys went to school and Sparta boys went to military school.
Sparta government is oligarchy and Athens government is democracy.