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Stories involving the gods and their relationship with mankind
Story containing a kernel of historical truth, with fictional elements
saga or legend
Story of oral origin with elements of the fantastic, usually involving heroes or heroines.
Interpretation of myth that demands the "aitia" or cause or reason for a fact, a ritual, or an institution.
attempt to rationalize classical mythology. "Gods were great men who became deified"
Euhemerism, Euhemerus, c. 300 B.C.
Interpretation of myths as ways to explain meterological and cosmological phenomena. Max Mueller
Allegorical Nature Myths
Oedipus Complex, also developed the theory that myths serve the same purpose as dreams by releaseing our inner desires. Symbols in dreams work the same way as symbols for Myths.
Believed in a "Collective Unconcious", which is the psychic tendencies of a society. Also believed that myths contain Archetypes, which are traditional symbols which a society comes to depend.
Carl Jung
Worked as an anthropologist among the Tobriand Islanders, related the close conection between social institutions and myths. Myths are related to practical life.
Myths are used to negotiate between binary pairs and resolve them, structuralist
Made a list of terms which can be used to compare one myth to another
Vladmir Propp
Myths contain successive layers of meaning, and can change over time
Walter Burkert
Foudner of Modern Arhaeology, found the ruins of Troy and Mycenae. (1822-1890)
Found the ruins of the Bronze Age Civilization which lived in Crete in 1899, named Minoans
Sir Arthur Evans
Goddess of the earth, fertility mother, came from Chaos. married to Uranus
Potent concept of Love, came from Chaos
Area of in the depths of the earth, place of punishment worse than Hades, came from Chaos
he darkness of Tartaros, another name for the place itself
Children of Gaia and Uranus, have only one eye in the middle of their head. Their name means Orb-eyed, there were three, made lightening and thunder bolts
More children of G and U, massive monsters with hundreds of hands
Important children of G and U, became the rulers after their parents
Titan of the sea, he was the stream of ocean that connects all land.
God of the sun, had the son Helios
Son of Apollo, Hyperion, or Helius, wanted to ride in teh chariot of the sun for a day. Loses control and is killed by Zeus
goddess of the moon, daughter of Hyperion, drives a chariot as well, replaced by Artemis
Goddess of the dawn, child of Hyperion
Ferocious dragon who zeus killed to become the dragon killer, fought alongside the giants
ages which Hesiod describes as GOld, silver, bronze, heroes, and iron,
Five ages of man
goddess of the hearth like her mother Hera and Artemis
According to Solon (legendary character) the happiest man on earth, exemplifies Greek humanism
Tellus the Athenian