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PRESENT imperative
built on PRESENT TENSE STEM to indicate CONTINUOS action
AORIST imperative
built on AORIST TENSE STEM to indicate UNDEFINED action
PERSON ENDINGS of imperative
βλέπε (2nd Sg) = "(You) look!"

βλεπέτω (3rd Sg) =

"Let him look"

"He must look,"

"Have him look."

The key words "let" or "must" and a PRONOUN supplied from the person of the verb ("him") can be added

ASPECT of imperative
βλέπε (PRESENT) = "Keep on looking!"

βλέψον (AORIST) = "Look!"

Prohibition / Negation 1
ου + future INDICATIVE (simple negation):

ου μοιχεύσεις

you shall not commit adultery

Prohibition / Negation 2
μη + PRESENT imperative (prohibiting a continuous action):

[μη μεριμνάτε] τη ψυχή υμών

[Do not worry] about your life.

Prohibition / Negation 3
μη + AORIST imperative:

[μη γνώτω] ή αριστερά σου τί ποιεί ή δεξιά σου

[Do not let] your left hand [know] what your right hand is doing

Prohibition / Negation 4
μη + aorist SUBJUNCTIVE (more strong than the indicative construction):

[μη νομίσητε] δτι ηλθον καταλΰσαι τον νόμον η τούς προφητας

[Do not think] that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets

Prohibition / Negation 5
ού μη + aorist SUBJUNCTIVE (double negation):

οι λόγοι μου [ου μη παρέλθωσιν]

My words [will never pass away]