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Peloponnesian War
(431-404 BC) caused by competition for control of the Greek world (Athens vs. Sparts_
results- weakening that left Greece open to invasion from Macedonia  
Limited arable land, much coastal area, fishing, seafarers; mountains provided protection for cities, but hindered expansion  
Golden Age
Pericles extended democracy- free men had equal voice; rebuilt Athens after Persian wars- included commision of Parthenon  
Persian Wars
(499-449 BC) Persian wars united Athens and Sparta against Persia; Athenian victories at Marathon and Salamis left Greece in control of Aegean Sea; Athens preserved independence and continued innovations in gov't. and culture  
Spartan Government
oligarchy (ruled by a small group); rigid social structure; militaristic and aggressive society  
Athenian Government
stages of gov't. evolution: monarchy> aristocracy> tyrrany> democracy; Tyrants who worked for democratic reform: Draco, Solon; Origin of democratic principles: direct democracy, public debate, duties of the citizens  
rich, free men were citizens (later expanded to all free men); citizens had the responsibility of civic participation in government; women and foreigners had no rights; slaves had no rights