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What was going on in the Roman world at the time of Jesus' birth?
*the census and taxation
*Casaer Augustus was in charge and general peace was over the area
How did the story of Christianity begin to spread?
*apostles received instruction and Pentecost
-through the witness of apostles
What were some conditions that enabled the spread of Christianity?
*safe travel
*political unity (no fighting between powers)
*settlements of Jews diaspora
*lots of people and ideas went through Jerusalem
What were some conditions that made it difficult to spread Christianity?
*people believed in many gods
What two philosophical traditions did the Christians find helpful in witnessing? Why?
What were some differences between Hellenistic and Hebrew Christians?
*hebrews were genetically linked to the line of Abraham, first to be persecuted
*helenistics were jews, but outsider jews
What was it like being a Christian in the early church in Jerusalem?
*maintained Jewish traditions and church led by apostles
What happened to the Jerusalem church?
*fled to Pela, then an uprising of persecutions, Romans watched uprising, then destroyed Judism, and the Jewish church was deceased
Why was Paul so important to spread of Christianity?
*leader of missionary work, took trips, wrote letters
-rules and guidelines
Why did Nero persecute the Christians?
*blamed for the Roman fire
*obssessed with killing and injuring
How did the persecutions affect the early Christians?
*it consolidated their faith, helped it grow and stay together
*tested their faith
*provided opportunity for martyrs and growth, and lifted the church
List and describe the two most important events of the early Christian church.
*baptizm- got naked, fully submerged, then put on white robes and celebrated
*communion- simple, share bread and wine (more like a meal)
Why was gathering at the graveyard an extra special event?
* to commemorate the lives of the saints/heros of the early church/martyrs
Why was Constantine so important to the development of Christianity?
*he legalized Christianity, changed Christian life and worship in the empire and persecution
*there was worship allowed in the open
*changed the way they lived
How did Monasticism begin and what did it involve?
*seperation from people and world distractions, writing stories or theories
Was Constantine a Christian?
*most likely not, just pretended to be
*wasn't baptized until he was on his death bed
*didn't live the "christian life"
*believed in the Christian God, but may have still believed in other gods
*although he did have sincere respect for Christianity