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strong desire for riches : GREED
Sample Sentence: Cruella Devil is a character whose avarice for furs causes her to go after little puppies.
1 : the quality or state of being malevolent
2 : malevolent behavior
Sample Sentence: The death of her beloved frog caused her to lead a life of malevolence.
The intention of doing ill will.
Sample Sentence: To steal her prom dress and replace it with a garbage bag was an act of malice.
: the act or habit of eating or drinking too much
Sample Sentence: Her gluttony for garlic led to a loss of many friends.
1 : to get or accomplish by secret plotting <intrigued their way into the party.
Sample Sentence:
To secretly plan his surprise birthday party was an act of intrigue.
to arrange or combine so as to get the best effect
Sample Sentence:
We must orchestrate a way to sneak her into the movie theater.
: a clever way to fool someone : TRICK
Sample Sentence:
Her pretending to be my friend was a ruse to get me to trust her.
: a disturbing concern with an idea or feeling that cannot be put out of mind even when it is seen to be unreasonable; also : such a thought or feeling
Sample Sentence:
My feelings for the purple duck are not obsession--it’s true love!
1 : an act of revealing or making known divine truth
2 a : an act of revealing to view b : something that is revealed; especially : a surprising or astonishing disclosure
The revelation that Mr. Petrini secretly takes belly dancing lessons on Friday nights was shocking.
1 : violent anger
Sample Sentence:
If you do not remember to bring a writing utensil to the midterm, you will feel my wrath!