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List the Causes of the Great Depression. (Unger Over Fed Students Watermelons)
1. Uneven Distribution of Wealth
2. Overexpansion of auto and housing industries
3. Farm troubles
4. Stock Market
5. Weak Foreign Economies
What are the effects of the Depression? (5)
-the marriage rate goes down
-the birth rate goes down
-the divorce rate goes down (too expensive)
-abandonment rate goes up
-families were either brought closer together or torn apart
Who is Franklin D. Roosevelt the man? What two things did he call himself?
He went from an arrogant young man to a humble and honest man when he was stricken with polio. He called himself a Christian and a Democrat.
Describe the Elections of 1932 and 1936.
Everyone hated Hoover because they blamed him for the Depression; they all overwhelmingly voted for FDR.
NRA: Describe what it did. *What was the symbol?*
National Recovery Administration: Govt. and businesses partnered to create minimum wage, max hours, and child labor codes. *Blue Eagle*
WPA: Describe what it does.
Works Progress Administration: Gave jobs, you name it, they did it.
PWA: Describe what it does.
Public Works Administration: Building projects: roads, hospitals, city halls...
FERA: Describe what it does.
Federal Emergency Relief Act: Direct relief to local governments to keep people from starving.
SSA: Describe what it does. How was it funded? What is it the foundation of?
Social Security Act: It's a safety net for the elderly, blind, handicapped, single mothers, unemployed. It is funded through payroll deductions. It's the foundation for the modern welfare state.
FDIC: Describe what it does.
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation: Federal govt. issues bank deposits and calls for a banking holiday.
CCC: Describe what it does.
Civilian Conservation Corps: Put young men to work on conservation projects.
TVA: Describe what it does.
Tennessee Valley Authoriy: Built a series of dams that provided cheap power, flood control, etc.
SEC: Describe what it does.
Securities Exchange Commission: regulates the stock market and limits stock buying on credit.
What is the Wagner Act? What is the Fair Labor Standards Act?
The Wagner Act gave labors the right to form unions and do collective bargaining; It establishes minimum living standards for people in the commerce business.
What is the Court Packing Plan?
FDR's failed plan: For every judge over seventy years old that refused to retire, he would be able to appoint one judge. (Could put a grand total of SIX judges on the Supreme Court if he had his way!)
What was the "Fair Deal"?
Started by Truman.
-Cleaned up slums
-Provided government housing
-Desegregated the American Military
-Expanded the Minimum Wage
-Increased social security
What does Truman want but it doesn't work out?
He wants 1) National Health Insurance and 2) Anti Poll Tax