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Define: Equivocal. Use it in a sentence; list at least 5 synonyms and antonyms
Open to two or more interpretations and often intended to mislead; ambiguous

Although the script of Oleana was equivocal to read, the performance was much easier to comprehend.
syn. obscure, enigmatical, abtruse, cabalistic, indefinite.
ant. transpicuous, diaphanous, pellucid.
very talkative.
syn. locuacious, prolixity, eloquent.
ant. consise, taciturnity, pauciloquent.
inactivity, stillness.
syn. tranquil, mollifying, propitiatory, conciliatory.
Define: Tractable/intractable
Obedient, easily managed, yielding. (tracter beem)
When workers are paid well they are tractable to the core. However, when they are not paid a fair wage, for their work, they riot and revolt.
syn. docile, yielding, aquiescent, obsequious.
ant. defiant, akimbo.
list 5 synonyms and antonyms for the word miser
syn. parsimony, curmundgeon, penurious, illiberal, avaricious.
ant. philanthropy, magnamity, prodigality, munificence, consign.
to produce, cause, bring out.
adj. fecund, puerperapl.
syn. peremptory, certainty, unequivocal.