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Difficult or hard to understand
The professor's article, on the meaning of meaning, was very abstruse. Michael couldn't even pronounce the words in it.
Unnatural or artificial behavior, usually intended to impress.
Bucky's English accent is an affectation. He spent only a week in England, and that was several years ago.
to contaminate; to make impure
We discovered that our orange juice had radioactive waste in it; we discovered, in other words, that our orange juice had been adulterated.
malicious; unjustifiable; unprovoked' egregious
Terrorists commit wanton acts on a helpless populace to make their point.
easy to talk to; friendly
Susan was an affable girl; she could strike up a pleasant conversation with amost anyone.
stubborn; unyielding; complitely inflexible
Candice was adamant: she would never go out with Paul again.
something not typical; a deviation from the standard
A snowstorm in June is an aberration; snow doesn't normally fall in June.
to make better or more tolerable
The condition of the prisioners was ameliorated when the warden gave them color TV's and keys to their cells.
to describe accurately; to draw in outline
After Jack had delineated his plan, we had no doubt about what he intended to do.
bitter; sour; severe
Barry sat silently as our teacher read aloud her acerbic comments on his paper.
to ridicule; to laugh at comtemptuously
The boss derided the secretary mercilessly, so she poisoned him. She was someone who could not accept derision.
theoretical; impersonal
To like somethin in the abstract is to like the idea of it. He liked oysters in the abstract, but when he actually tried one he became nauseated.
redundant; circular
A tautology is a needless repition of words, or saying the same thing using different words. For example: The trouble with bachelors is that they aren't married.
to attack, especially to attach the truth or integrity of something
The critic impugned the originality of Jacob's novel, claiming that long stretches of it had been lifted from the word of someone else.
choosing the best from many sources; drawn from many sources
Zeke's taste in art was eclectic. He liked the Old Masters, the Impressionists, and Walt Disney.