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brawl, conflict, argument. The three musketeers were in the thick of the fray
filled or charged with; causing emotional distress. "Parenting, like brain surgery, is now all-consuming, fraught with anxiety, worry, and self-doubt. We have allowed what used to be simple and natural to become bewildering and intimdating," (Fred Gosman)
cheating; deceitful. The government sees to prevent fraudulent and misleading advertising.
wild. At the time of the collision, many people became frantic with fear.
right granted by authority; right to vote; license to sell a product in a particular territory. The city issued a francise to the company
unruly; disobedient; irritable. Bucking and kicking, the fractious horse unseated its rider
brawl, melee, argument, rage. The military police stopped the fracas in the bar and arrested the beligerents
person who stablishes (an organization, business). Among those drowned when the Titanic sank was the founder of the Abraham & Straus department store chain
fail completely; sink. After hitting the submerged iceberg, the Titanic started taking in water rapidly and soon foundered
rear; encourage. According to the legend, Romulus and Remus were fostered by a she-wolf that raised the abandoned infants as her own
accidental; by chance. Though he pretended their encounter was fortuitous, he'd actually been hanging around her usual haunts for the past two weeks, hoping she'd turn up
bravery; courage. He was awarded the medal for his fortitude in the battle
straightforward; direct; frank. I prefer Jill;s forthright approach to Jack's tendency to beat around the bush. Never afraid to call a spade a spade, she was perhaps too forthright to be a successful party politician
strong point or special talent. I am not eager to play this rather serious role, for my forte is comedy
renounce; abandon. The captured knight could escape death only if he agreed to forswear Christianity and embrace Islam as the one true faith
desert; abandon; renounce. No one expected Foster to forsake his wife and children and run off with another woman.
inspiring fear or apprehension; difficult; awe-inspiring. In the film Meet the Parents, the hero is understandably nervous around his fiancee's father, a formidable CIA agent
ceremonious quality; something done just for form's sake. The president received the visitng heads of state withdue formality; flags waving, honor guards standing at attnetion, bands playing anthems at full blast. Signing this petition is a mere formality; it does not obligate you in any way.
sad and lonely; wretched. Deserted by her big sisters and her friends, the forlorn child sat sadly on the steps awaiting their returns.
give up; do without. Determined to lose weight for the summer, Ida decided to forgo dessert until she could fit into a size eight again
prevent by taking action in advance. By setting up a prenuptial agreement, the prospective bride and groom hoped to forestall any potential arguments about money in the event of a divorce.
ability to foresee future happenings; prudence. A wise investor, she had the foresight to buy land just before the current real estate boom
give an indication beforehand; portend; prefigure. In retrospect, political analysts realized that Yelsin's defiance of the attempted coup foreshadowed his emergence as the dominant figure of the new Russian republic
suitable to debate or couts of law. In herbest forensic manner, the lawyer addressed the jury
premonition of evil. Suspecting no conspiracles against him, Caesar gently ridiculed his wife's forebodings about the ides of March
ancestors. Reverence for one's forebears (sometimes referred to as ancestor worship_ plays an important part in many Oriental cultures
place where a river can be crossed on foot. Rather than risk using the shaky rope bridge, David walked a half-mile downstream until he came to the nearest ford
patience. Be patient with John. Treat him with forbearance; he is still weak from his illness
raid. The company staged a midnight foray against the enmy outpost
dandy; man excessively preoccupied with his clothes. People who dismissed young Mizrahi as a fop for his exaggerated garments felt chagrined hen he turned into one of the top fashiondesigners of his day
stir up; instigate. Cher's archenemy Heather spread some nasty rumors that fomented trouble in the club. Do you think cher's foe meant to foment such discord?
masses of leaves. Every autumn before the leaves fell he promised himself he would drive through New England to admire the colorful fall foliage
insert improperly; palm off, cheat. I will not permit you to foist such ridiculous ideas upon the membership of this group
defeat; frustrate. In the end, Skywalker is able to foil Vader's diabolical schemes
contrast. In star wars, dark, evil Darth vader is a perfect foil for fair-haired, naive Luke Skywalker
weakness; slight fault. We can overlok the foibles of our friends; no one is perfect
coarse food for cattle, horses, etc. One of Nancy's chores at the ranch was to put fresh supplise of fodder in the horses' stalls
flowing; series of changes. WHile conditions are in such a state of flux, I dno notwish to commit myself too deeply in this affair
smoothness of speech. She spoke French with fluency and ease
unlikely occurrence; stroke of fortune When Douglas defeated Tyson for the heavyweight championship, some sportscasters dismissed his victory as a fluke
waver; shift
reject; mock; show contempt for. The painter Julian Schnabel is known for works that flout the conventions of high art, such as paintings on velvet or linoleum. Do not confuse flout with flaunt; to flaunt something is to show it off, to flout something is to show your scorn for it. Perhaps by flouting the conventions of high art, Schnabel was flaunting his ability to get away with breaking the rules
grow well; prosper; making sweeping gestures. The orange trees flourished in the sun
drigting wreckage, waste flowing on the sea. Beachcombers eke out a living by salvagin the flotsam and jetsam of the sea
ruddy; reddish; flowery. If you go to Florida and get a sunburn, your complexion will look florid.