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Acerbic; adj
having a sour or bitter taste or character
… an acerbic tone piercing through otherwise flowery prose
amalgamate; verb
to combine several elements into a whole
the actors, the dancers, and the singers amalgamated into a grand performance
amenable; adj
agreeable, responsive to suggestion; also legally responsible
the amenable servant was happy do do whatever I wished him to.
bolster; verb
to provide support or reinforcement
The visitors bolstered the patient's morale.
bombast; noun
self-important or pompous writing or speech
Letters of intent are a type of bombast.
bombastic; adj
pompus; grandiloquent
He was very bombastic, using so much tall talk as if he was a king.
credulous; adj
tending to believe too readily; gullible
The gimmick would work on only the most credulous people.
diatribe; noun
a harsh denunciation; thunderous verbal attack
She rambled on in her diatribe, criticizing everything she saw
fawn; verb
to flatter or praise excessively
the dog, fawning when I arrived, wanted a treat.
fervent; adj
greatly emotional or zealous; extremely hot and glowing
the fervent admirer sent me flowers every day
flout; verb
to demonstrate contempt for, as in a rule or convention
You can flout the law all you want, but it's still the law and you have to obey
fortuitous; adj
happening by fortunate accident or chance
it was fortuitous he drove by, as my battery needed a jump
garrulous; adj
pointlessly talkative, talking too much
His speech was garrulous, everyone was bored with his pointless talk
germane; adj
relevant to the subject at hand; appropriate in subject manner; pertinent and fitting
he asks questions that are germane and central to the issue
glib; adj
marked by ease or informality; nonchalant; lacking in depth; superficial
It was a glib response to a complex question; I knew she didn't study the issue in depth
halcyon; adj
calm and peaceful
I spent five halcyon days at the cottage in the middle of a peaceful forest
hubris; noun
arrogant presumption or pride
The actor accepted the award with hubris, walking with his nose up and ready with a speech
idolatrous; adj
given to intense or excessive devotion to something
the group was idolatrous, devoting their lives to mission and it's leader
imminent; adj
about to happen; impending
the win was imminent, the other team was just too far behind
imperturbable; adj
marked by extreme calm; impassivity and steadiness
Up until now, he was imperturbable. But now, he's showing signs of alarm.
impetuous; adj
hastily or rashly energetic; impulsive and vehement
The impetuous driver darted through traffic, not willing to get stuck.
implacable; adj
not capable of beingappeased or significantly changed
We have implacable foes- nothing we do will appease them.
indifferent; adj
having no interest or concern, showing no bias or prejudice
I'm indifferent, I don't care whether we stay home or go out.
intrepid; adj
steadfast and courageous; fearless
The intrepid wanderers braved the haunted forest, showing courage
laconic; adj
using few words; terse; concise
His reply was laconic, merely saying one word - no.
malleable; adj
capable of being shaped or formed; tractable; pliable
the malleable mind of a child is easily influenced
maverick; noun
an independent individual who does not go along with a group or party; dissenter, rebel
There was a maverick in the building, he promptly left, not willing to go along with the group
mendacity; noun
the condition of being untruthful; dishonesty
Mendacity is the opposite of veracity
mercurial; adj
characterized by rapid and unpredictable change in mood
Her mercurial twists in temperament were tough to handle, being calm one minute and volatile the next
meticulous; adj
characterized by extreme care and precision; attentive to detail
A scientific researcher must be meticulous, analyzing every detail with precision
mollify; verb
to calm or soothe; to reduce in emotional intensity
She managed to mollify the angry customer.
obdurate; adj
unmoved by persuasion, pity, or tender feelings; stubborn; unyielding; hardhearted; intractable.
The boss was obdurate on the issue, no one could convince him to do otherwise
obfuscate; verb
to deliberately obscure; to make confusing or opaque
the plan was to obfuscate the plan so the police would be completely confused
obsequious; adj
exhibiting a fawning attentiveness; attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery
The servants were obviously obsequious- yielding to their every command affectionately and attentively
obstinate; adj
stubborn; hardheaded; uncompomising- unreasonbly rigid in being so
Dad was being so obstinate about curfew, nothing we could say would change his mind
opprobrium; noun
disgrace; contempt; scorn
The government has suffered immense opprobrium for wrongly going to war
ostentatious; adj
characterized by pretentiousness; intended to attract notice and impress others
The ostentatious beauty queen wore her crown for days, showing off
pedantic; adj
the parading of learning; excessive attention to minutiae and formal rules; Characterized by a narrow, often ostentatious concern for book learning and formal rules
the pendantic writing style was so boring - paying so much attention to formality…
pervade; verb
to permeate throughout
The troops will pervade the city, you'll see them everywhere
pervasive; adj
having the tendency to permeate or spread throughout
the drug is pervasive, it can affect not only your bones, but your blood vessels and muscles, as well
phlegmatic; adj
calm; sluggish in temperamnet; unemotional
doctors are often phlegmatic, so as not to upset the family with their own emotion
pirate; verb
to illegally use or reproduce; to use another's ideas or words as one's own
He pirated the software and sold it in the black market
plethora; noun
an overabundance; a surplus
there was a plethora of sweaters, now everyone could have two
polemical; adj
controversial; argumentative
his polemical stance on the issue caused an uproar of argument in the house
pragmatic; adj
practical rather than idealistic
She has a very pragmatic nature, never buying anything unless it has a necessary funtion
rancorous; adj
characterized by bitter, long-lasting resentment; resentful
His rancorous attitude shows every time he smirks at the rich.
rhetoric; noun
the art or study of effective use of language for communication and persuasion
The attorney was well-versed in rhetoric, so he knew how to persuade the jury with his wording
salubrious; adj
promoting health or well-being
the atmosphere might well be salubrious, but my health is still waning regardless
solvent; adj
able to meet finanical obligations; able to dissolve another substance
I'm a solvent individual, pay my bills on time without having to borrow money
soporific; adj
causing drowsiness; tending to induce sleep
reading the physics book is a soporific venture, I always feel sleepy afterward.