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Analogies: When you know both words in the stem pair
- Make a defining sentence
- Apply that sentence to the answer choices
- Use POE
- If necessary, make a more specific sentence
Analogies: When you don't know one of the words in the stem pair
- Try to make defining sentecnes with the answer choices
- Eliminsate those with nondefining relationships
- With the remaining answer choices, Work Backward and eliminate answer choices whose defining senteces don't work with the stem pair
Anologies: When you don't know either of the words in the stem pair
- Try to make defining sentences with the answer choices
- Eliminate nondefining relationships
- Make an educated guess about which remaining answer choice as the strongest relationship
Analogies: Common GRE Relationships
- Type of
- Used to
- Degree
- Characterized by
- Without / Lacking
Sentence Completions: One-Blank Questions
- Ignore the answer choices
- Come up with your own word for the blank (Use the clue and triger words to help)
- Eliminate answer choices that don't match your word
Sentence Completions: Two-Blank Questions
- Ignore the answer choices
- Pick one of the blanks and come up with a word for that blank
- Look only at one side of each of the answer choices and eliminate those that aren't simliar to your word
- Come up with a word for the other blank
From the remaining choices, eliminate those that aren't similiar
Sentence Completions: Relationship Between the Blanks
- Determine if the relationship is one of agreement or disagreement
- Eliminate those answer choices in which the two words don't have the same relationship as the blanks
Antonyms: When you know the stem words
- Define the word for yourself
- Come up with a simple opposite for that word
- Use POE to eliminate answer choices that don't match your opposite
Antonyms: When you "sort of" know the stem word
Use Positive / Negative
- Determine if the stem word is positive or negative (it may not be either)
- Eliminate those answer choices that do not have an opposite connotation
Work Backward
- Make opposites for the answer choices
- Eliminate answer choices whose opposites aren't close to the stem word
Antonyms: When you don't know the stem word at all
- Eliminate any answer choices that don't have opposites
- Guess the extremes
Reading Comprehension: Basic Steps
- Familiarize yourself with the passage, paying attention to the main idea and structure
- Read the quest, find the lead words, and make sure you understand what it's asking
- Use lead words and line references to find the relevant part of the passage
- Read in detail about five lines above and five lines below the lead words
- Answer the question in your own words
- Use POE
Reading Comprehension: Least/Except/Not Questions
- The best answer will seem like the wrong answer, the crazy choice that you would normally eliminate first
- For EXCEPT questions, look for "correct" answers and eliminate them
Reading Comprehension: Questions about Tone, Attitude & Style
- ETS is politically correct
- ETS has respect for the authors and the subjects of the passages
- You can eliminate any choice that is too negative or too extreme
- You can eliminate any choice that suggests the author is detached
Math: Even / Odd
- Zero is even
- Fractions are neither even nor odd
Math: Divisibility
An integer is:
- divisible by 3 if the sum of it's digits is divisible by 3
- divisible by 4 if it's last two digits is divisible by 4
- divisible by 6 if it's divisible by both 2 and 3
- divisible by 9 if the sum of it's digits is divisible by 9
Math: Multiplying Fractions
- Reduce
- Multiply straight across
Math: Dividiing Fractions
- Reduce
- Multiply the recipical of the second fraction straight across
Math: Adding / Subtracting Fractions w/ different denominators
- Multiply the denominators
- Bowtie
- Add or Subract across
Math: Percentage Increase/Decrease
Percent Change = (Difference / Original) x 100
Math: Exponents
- 2^2 x 2^4 = 2^6
- 2^6 / 2^2 = 2^4
- 3^-2 = 1/3^2 = 1/9
- (4^5)^2 = 4^10
Math: Plugging in
- 10 and 100 are good numbers
- In mins/secs problems, 30 or 120 are good numbers
- Alawys plug in at least twice in Quant Comp Questions
Math: Average Pie
# of | Average
Things |
Math: Statistics
- Median - middle value in a set of numbers
- Mode - number or range of numbers in a set that occurs the most (think mode=most)
- Range - different between the highest and the lowest numbers in a set
Math: Standard Deviation
- referes to how much the numbers in a set vary from the mean of the set
Math: Bell Curve
- Normal distribution percentages: 34% : 12% : 2%
Math: Rate
Distance or Amount
Time | Rate
Math: Ratio Box
| X | Y | Total
ratio | | |
* by | | |
real | | |
Math: Parallel Lines
- When two parallel lines are cut by a third line, only big angles and small angles are formed
- All the big angles are equal, all the small angles are equal
- The sum of any big and small angle is always 180 degrees
Math: Triangles
= The length of any one side of a triangle must be less than the sum of the other two sides and greater than the difference between the two sides
Math: Pythagorean Theorem
Common Triangles
- 3-4-5
- 6-8-10
- 5-12-13
Math: 45-45-90 Triangle
- Isosceles right triangle
- The lenth of each short leg is x
- The length of the hypotenuse is x*sqrt(2)
Math: 30-60-90 Right Triangle
- Shortest side is x
- Hypotenuse is 2x
- Remaining side is x*sqrt(3)
Math: Circles
Circumference = 2Pi*r
Area = Pi*r^2
Math: Slope
- y = mx + b
- Slope = rise / run