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conceited person; N. narcissism; CF. narcissus
n smirk
conceited smile; offensively self-satisfied smile (often at someone else's misfortune); V.
conceivably true; having a show of truth but open to doubt; specious
n hermetic
concerning alchemy or magic; obscure and mysterious; occult
n olfactory
concerning the sense of smell
n mercantile
concerning trade or merchants
concise and meaningful; substantial; meaty
concise; abrupt; pithy
conciseness; shortness of duration
n coda
concluding section of a musical or literary composition
n peroration
conclusion of an oration; perorating; V. perorate: conclude a speech; speak at great length
conclusion; concluding part
s damn
condemn; criticize severely; condemn to everlasting punishment; doom; bring to ruin; N. damnation
condemn; criticize; N. denunciation
s doom
condemnation to a severe penalty; ruin; fate (esp. a tragic or ruinous one); V.
condense or shorten
n deign
condescend; stoop
condition in which blood lacks red corpuscles; ADJ. anemic
n squalor
condition of being squalid; filth; degradation; dirty neglected state; ADJ. squalid: dirty; sordid; morally repulsive; Ex. squalid story
s analgesia
condition of being unable to feel pain
s standstill
condition of no movement or activity; stop
s florescence
condition or period of flowering
s healthful
conducive to good health; Ex. healthful mountain air
s wholesome
conducive to mental or physical health; healthful
conduct or language inciting rebellion; rebellion; resistance to authority; insubordination; ADJ. seditious
n parley
conference (between opponents); CF. speak
confirm; support; strengthen
conflict; lack of harmony; dissonance (when musical notes are played)
conformity in fulfilling requirements; readiness to yield; disposition to yield to others; V. comply
n befuddle
confuse thoroughly
n fluster
confuse; make nervous and confused; N.
n muddle
confuse; mix up confusedly; N: state of confusion
n obfuscate
confuse; muddle; cause confusion; make needlessly complex; make so confused as to be difficult to understand
n confound
confuse; puzzle
n disconcert
confuse; upset; embarrass; perturb
n hubbub
confused uproar; loud noise; din
n bemused
confused; lost in thought; preoccupied
n welter
confusion; turmoil; confused mass; bewildering jumble; Ex. welter of data
n coagulate
congeal; thicken; clot; N. coagulant
s natal
connected with birth; CF. prenatal; CF. postnatal
s historical
connected with history; based on events in history (whether regarded as important or not)
n nexus
n gourmet
connoisseur of food and drink; epicure
connoisseur of food and drink; gourmet; ADJ. epicurean; CF. Epicurus
conquer; bring under control
conscientious; extremely thorough; Ex. scrupulous worker
consecrate; put oil on (in a religious ceremony)
consider; ponder; ADJ: done on purpose; slow
conspicuous; worthy of note; remarkable; important; distinguished; noted
conspicuously wicked, bad, or offensive; blatant; outrageous
conspiring in a fraudulent scheme to cheat or deceive others; V. collude
s constitution
constituting; system of laws; composition of something; physical makeup or structure of a person; Ex. men with strong constitutions
contact that keeps parties in communication; communication between groups; one that maintains communication; go-between; secret love affair; V. liaise: keep a connection
n taint
contaminate; cause to lose purity; modify with a trace of something bad; Ex. tainted reputation; N: stain; touch of decay or bad influence; CF. touch
n scurvy
contemptible; despicable; N: disease caused by deficiency of Vitamin C
s base
contemptible; morally bad; inferior in value or quality; Ex. base motives/conduct; Ex. base metal such as iron
contend; compete
s vying
contending; CF. vie
s lottery
contest in which winners are selected in a drawing of lots
s persist
continue in existence; last; continue in a course of action in spite of opposition; Ex. persist in/with something; ADJ. persistent
s persevere
continue steadily in spite of difficulties
continued loud noise; V: make a din; instill by wearying repetition
n knit
contract into wrinkles; grow together; join together closely; make (a fabric or garment) by interwining yarn or thread; Ex. knit the brow; Ex. The bones should knit together in a few weeks.
n belie
contradict; give a false impression; disguise; Ex. The poor sales belied our high hopes; Ex. Her smile belies her true feeling of displeasure.
n contravene
contradict; oppose; violate (a rule, law, or custom); N. contravention
contrast; direct opposite of or to; ADJ. antithetic or antithetical
n foil
contrast; one that by contrast enhances the distinctive characteristics of another
s dominate
control; rule; enjoy a commanding position in; overlook from a height; ³»·Á´Ùº¸´Ù
controlling influence; position of controlling influence; CF. in the ascendant
convenient features that helps to make life pleasant; social courtesies
n mores
conventions; moral standards; moral customs
s tan
convert (hide) into leather; make brown by exposure to the sun
s broil
cook by direct heat; N.
n travesty
copy or example of something that completely misrepresents the true nature of the real thing; comical parody or imitation; treatment aimed at making something appear ridiculous; Ex. travesty of justice; OP. paragon
copy; write a copy of; N. transcription
s lace
cord used to draw and tie together two opposite edges (as of a shoe); delicate fabric made of fine threads; V: draw together by tying a lace
n pith
core or marrow; spongelike substance in the center of stems; essence; substance
s conglomerate
corporation made up of several different companies in diversified fields; mass of various material gathered together; rock consisting of small stones held together by clay; V.
corpse; dead human body
correct (usually a text); N. emendation: correction of errors; improvement
correct a false impression; undeceive; free from a wrong belief
n orthography
correct spelling; CF. ortho-: straight; correct; Ex. orthodontics
correct; change ; generally for the better
correspondence of parts; harmonious relationship; CF. congruity
n debauch
corrupt morally; seduce from virtue; N. debauchery: wild behavior (with sex and alcohol)
s pervert
corrupt; turn from right to wrong; misuse; Ex. perverted sexual desire/scientific knowledge; N: person whose sexual behavior is not natural
corruption; turning from right to wrong
n mentor
counselor; teacher
counselor-at-law or lawyer in the higher court of law; CF. bar
s reckon
count; calculate; regard as; think; suppose
countercharges; V. recriminate
counterfeit; not authentic; intentionally false; Ex. bogus interview
s forge
counterfeit; reproduce fraudulently; form by heating in a forge and hammering into shape; move with a sudden increase of speed or power; Ex. forged ahead in the last two years; N: furnace where metals are heated
n mettle
courage (to continue bravely in spite of difficulties); spirit; ADJ. mettlesome
n pluck
courage; V: pull off or out; pull out the hair or feathers of; ADJ. plucky: courageous; brave
n tribunal
court of justice