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n vitiate
spoil the effect of; make inoperative; corrupt morally
s confidential
spoken or written in secret; trusted with private matters; Ex. confidential secretary
s blotch
spot; blot; CF. blot+botch
n fleck
spot; mark with flecks; N: small mark or spot
spotless; flawless; absolutely clean
n dappled
n maculated
spotted; stained; CF. immaculate
s smear
spread or cover with a sticky substance; N: mark made by smearing
spread out (troops) in an extended though shallow battle line; distribute (persons or forces) systematically or strategically
n strew
spread randomly; sprinkle; scatter; Ex. flower girl strewing rose petals
n suffuse
spread through or over (with a color or liquid); charge; Ex. A blush suffused her cheeks.
spread throughout; V. pervade: (of smells, ideas, feelings) spread throughout; charge; permeate
spur; motive; something which encourages one to greater activity
n spat
squabble; minor dispute; minor quarrel
squander; waste foolishly; scatter
s pinch
squeeze between the thumb and a finger, or other edges; Ex. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. N: amount that can be held between the thumb and a finger
n adjutant
staff officer assisting the commander; assistant
n musty
stale (in odor or taste); spoiled by age; CF. moist
n scotch
stamp out(put an end to); thwart; hinder; Ex. scotch the rumor; CF. cut; CF. È°µ¿À» ÁÙÀÌ´Â ÀǹÌ
n philatelist
stamp-collector; N. philately: stamp collecting
stand up against; resist successfully
s lounge
stand, sit, or lie in a lazy, relaxed way
n stock
standard; kept regularly in stock or supply; typical; routine; common; Ex. stock sizes of paper; Ex. stock excuse/character; N: goods for sale in a shop; OP. unique
standards used in judging; CF. criterion
standstill resulting from the opposition of two unrelenting forces; stalemate
s nova
star that suddenly becomes much brighter and then returns to its original brightness
n gawk
stare foolishly; look in open-mouthed awe
start a fire; ignite; inspire; arouse
start; beginning
n instigate
start; urge; provoke; incite; Ex. instigate a search/quarrel
state as a necessary condition (of an agreement); make express conditions; specify; Ex. He stipulated payment in advance
state confidently; declare as true
state of being alone; seclusion; ADJ. solitary: existing or living alone (esp. by choice); remote or secluded; single; sole; Ex. solitary life/inn; Ex. no solitary piece of proof
n bereavement
state of being deprived of something valuable or beloved; state of being bereaved or bereft
state of being immovable
s matrimony
state of being married
state of being nameless; anonymousness; ADJ. anonymous
state of being numerous or multiple; large number; Ex. multiplicity of details; ADJ. multiple: of more than one element
state of being parallel; similarity; analogy
state of being partial; inclination; favorable bias; special fondness; preference
state of being self-contradictory; lack of uniformity or steadiness; ADJ. inconsistent: displaying a lack of consistency; erratic; contradictory; incompatible
n stupor
state of being stupefied; state of apathy; daze; lack of awareness
s suspense
state of being undecided; anxiety or apprehension resulting from uncertainty
state of collapse or weakness caused by illness or old age
s blues
state of depression or melancholy; style of slow, mournful music (evolved from southern Black American songs)
n disarray
state of disorder; a disorderly or untidy state; Ex. with her clothes in disarray
state of distress; trial; cause of distress or suffering; V. afflict: inflict grievous suffering on
s polarity
state of having two opposite qualities
state of reacting readily to appeals, orders, etc.; ADJ. responsive: readily reacting; Ex. responsive to treatment
state of violent agitation; ADJ. turbulent: violently agitated or disturbed
n assert
state strongly or positively; demand recognition of (rights, claims, etc.); make a claim to (by forceful action); Ex. assert one's independence
s understate
state with less truth than seems warranted by the facts; Ex. He understated the seriousness of the crime; N. understatement; OP. overstate
state without proof
staying for a short time; momentary; temporary; N: one that is transient
steadfast; firm; not changing
n steadfast
steadily loyal; unswerving; steady
steadiness of effort; persistent hard work
n filch
steal (things of small value)
n plagiarize
steal another's ideas or writings and pass them off as one's own; Ex. ideas plagiarized from my article; N. plagiarism; CF. kidnap
s pilfer
steal things of small value; filch; snitch
n lurk
stealthily lie in waiting; slink; exist unperceived
n furtive
stealthy; quiet and secret (trying to escape notice); sneaky; Ex. furtive glance
steep; overhasty; precipitate
s helm
steering wheel of a ship; position of control
s stink
stench; V: emit a strong foul odor
s trample
step heavily with the feet; crush under the feet
s stamp
step on heavily (so as to crush or extinguish); put an end to; imprint or impress with a mark, design, or seal; shape with a die; characterize; Ex. machine stamping out car bodies; Ex. newspaper stamping him as a liar; N. stamping; implement used to stamp; impression stamped; mark; Ex. Her remarks bear the stamp of truth.
stick fast; be a devotd follower; N. adhesion: adhering; devotion; loyality
stick out; jut; project; Ex. protruding teeth
stick together
n glutinous
sticky; viscous; gluey
n galvanize
stimulate or shock by an electric current; stimulate by shock; shock into action; stir up; coat with rust-resistant zinc by using electricity
stinginess; excessive frugality; ADJ. parsimonious
stinging; acrid; sharp in taste or smell; (of speech or writing) caustic; N. pungency
n acrimonious
stinging; caustic; bitter in words or manner; N. acrimony: bitter ill-natured animosity in speech or behavior
stingy; mean
stipulation; condition in an agreement; provision
n stoke
stir up a fire or furnace; feed plentifully
stir up; disturb
n foment
stir up; incite; instigate; promote the growth of (something evil or unpleasant)
n suture
stitches sewn to hold the cut edges of a wound or incision; material used in sewing; V: sew together a wound
n hoard
stockpile; accumulate for future use; N: supply stored for future use
stoical; impassive; unmoved by joy or grief; N. CF. stoicism
stone used to test the fineness of gold alloys; criterion; standard
stop motion; curb or restrain
n stem
stop or check (the flow of); Ex. stem the bleeding from the slashed artery; N: main axis of a plant; stalk
n stanch
stop or check flow of blood; Ex. stanch the gushing wound
n balk
stop short, as if faced with an obstacle, and refuse to continue; foil; stop or get in the way of; frustrate
storage place for military equipment
n granary
storehouse for grain
n inclement
stormy; unkind; unmerciful; CF. clement
n tempestuous
stormy; violent; impassioned; N. tempest: violent storm
n cantata
story set to music to be sung by a chorus (shorter than an oratorio)
n allegory
story, play, or picture in which characters are used as symbols; fable
n raconteur
story-teller; one who tells stories with wit and skill
n portly
stout; corpulent
n forthright
straightforward; direct; frank