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n rotundity
roundness; sonorousness of speech
royal; of a monarch; Ex. regal manner
rub out; remove the surface of
rubbing away by friction; gradual decrease in numbers or strength; reduction in the work force without firing employees; wearing away of opposition by means of harassment; Ex. a war of attrition
rubbing away; tending to grind down
rubble; wreckage; scattered remains of something broken or destroyed
n florid
ruddy; (of a complexion) reddish; flowery; very ornate; CF. rose
s boor
rude, insensitive person
n boorish
rude; insensitive
rudeness without any sense of shame; shameless boldness; presumptousness; nerve; cheek
n domineer
rule over tyrannically
s sovereign
ruler in a monarchy; ADJ: (of a country) independent and self-governing; having supreme power; supreme; excellent
s elope
run away secretly with the intention of getting married
n seedy
run-down; decrepit; disreputable; having many seeds; Ex. seedy downtown hotel
rural; of rural life; idyllic; of a pastor
s career
rush wildly; go at full speed
n torrent
rushing stream; flood; Ex. The rain fell in torrents.
n yokel
rustic; country bumpkin; Ã̳ð
n bucolic
rustic; pastoral
sad and lonely; wretched; desolate
s woeful
sad; (of something bad) deplorable; deplorably bad; Ex. woeful housing conditions
n funereal
sad; solemn; suitable for a funeral
n wistful
sadly thoughtful (because of desires or memories); sadly pensive; vaguely longing
n jocular
said or done in jest or playfully; marked by joking
s clipper
sailing vessel built for great speed
salary; payment for an office; compensation
sameness leading to boredom; monotonousness; ADJ. monotonous; CF. monotone
sameness; monotony; ADJ. uniform: the same all over
n surfeit
satiate; feed or supply to excess; stuff; indulge to excess in anything; N: surfeiting; excessive amount; Ex. surfeit of food
satisfy (thirst); quench; sate
satisfy fully (physical needs such as hunger); sate; N. satiety: condition of being satiated
n sate
satisfy to the full; satisfy to excess; cloy
n imbue
saturate(soak thoroughly); fill; Ex. imbue someone with feelings
s valediction
saying farewell; expression of leave-taking
Scandinavian myth; any legend; long heroic narrative
scanty; inadequate
scarcity; dearth
scatter; drive away; cause to vanish
scatter; Ex. disperse the cloud/crowd
sceptic; doubter; person who suspends judgment until he has examined the evidence supporting a point of view; ADJ. skeptical; N. skepticism; scepticism
n pedant
scholar who overemphasizes book learning, trivial details of learning, or technicalities
n savant
scholar; learned person; CF. savoir: know
s monograph
scholarly article
n seminary
school for training future ministers; secondary school, especially for young women
school of the fine arts (especially music or drama); glass-enclosed area; CF. conservancy
s hygiene
science and practice of the promotion and preservation of health; ADJ. hygienic: showing careful attention to cleanness (to prevent disease); Ex. hygienic condition
n jurisprudence
science of law
science of sound; quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in
n ornithologist
scientific student of birds; N. ornithology: scientific study of birds
scold harshly; criticize severely
n berate
scold strongly
n excoriate
scold with biting harshness; censure strongly; strip the skin off
n chide
scold; rebuke (someone who has done wrong)
n shrew
scolding woman; very small mouselike animal
scorn; disdain; ADJ. contemptuous; CF. contemptible
n sardonic
scornfully mocking; disdainful; sarcastic; cynical; Ex. sardonic smile
n glower
scowl; glare; look or stare angrily
s rag
scrap of cloth; ADJ. ragged: old and torn; seeming unfinished and imperfect; Ex. ragged debut/performance
scrupulous; through and careful; Ex. conscientious worker
n hermetic
sealed by fusion so as to be airtight; airtight
s scorch
sear; N.
n sere
sear; parched; dry
s ransack
search thoroughly; pillage (going through a place); Ex. Enemy soldiers ransacked the town.
seasonings; spices
secondary or minor occupation
secret recess or vault usually used for burial; underground room (under a church)
secret; hidden; implied; OP. overt
n privy
secret; hidden; not public; made a participant in something secret; Ex. privy chamber government; Ex. be privy to a discussion; CF. private
n inviolable
secure from corruption, attack, or violation(or profanation); unassailable; Ex. inviolable oath/rights; N. inviolability
n purchase
secure grasp or hold; firm grasp or footing
secure or fasten firmly; be fixed in place; N. anchorage
security given for loan; ADJ: secondary; descended from the same person but through different sons or daughters
n silt
sediment deposited by running water (at the entrance to a harbor or by a bend in a river)
n dregs
sediment in a liquid; lees; worthless residue
seek to attain (position or status); long for; Ex. aspire to become president; Ex. aspire to/after the leadership
seeker after position or status
seemingly plausible but fallacious reasoning; sophism
seemingly reasonable but incorrect; misleading (often intentionally)
n seine
seine net; net for catching fish
n usurp
seize another's power or rank (without legal authority); supplant; appropriate; N. usurpation; CF. take for one's own use
seize; take possession of (private property) by official order (usu. as a punishment); commandeer
n excerpt
selected passage (written or musical) taken from a longer work; V.
selective; composed of elements drawn from disparate sources; selecting individual elements from a variety of sources; N. eclecticism
s confidence
self-assurance; calm unworried feeling based on a strong belief in one's abilities; strong belief in the ability of a person or plan; trust or faith in a person or thing; something confided; secret; Ex. confidence in your ability; Ex. I'm telling you this in confidence; Ex. exchange confidences about their boyfriends; ADJ. confident
self-control; self-restraint; formal but distant manner; reticence; Ex. without reserve: freely and openly; ADJ. reserved: shy and uncommunicative
n truism
self-evident truth
self-evident truth requiring no proof
n postulate
self-evident truth; something assumed without proof; V: assume the truth of (as a basis of an argument)
self-governing; N. autonomy
self-important behavior; acting like a stuffed shirt(pompous person); ADJ. pompous: self-important
self-important; significant; consequent; following as a result; Ex. consequential air; CF. subsequent
n penance
self-imposed punishment for sin; Ex. do penance for one's sins; CF. penitent
n continence
self-restraint; sexual chastity; sexual abstinence; voluntary control over bladder and bowel functions; ADJ. continent
self-satisfaction; smugness; ADJ. complacent
s smug
self-satisfied; complacent
s flip
send (something) spinning, often into the air, by striking with a light quick blow; turn over; Ex. flip over