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n tutelage
guardianship; training; function of a tutor; instruction
guess; N.
n arroyo
gully; narrow channel formed by rainwater
habitual return to crime (even after being punished); N. recidivist
n inebriated
habitually intoxicated; drunk; N. inebriety
n taciturn
habitually silent; talking little
hackneyed; commonplace
hackneyed; commonplace; trite; lacking originality; clich\\'ed
n crone
hag; ugly old woman
n hackles
hairs on back and neck, especially of a dog; Ex. make someone's hackles rise
n coiffure
n hirsute
hairy; having a lot of hair
n somnolent
half asleep; drowsy; N. somnolence
n satyr
half-human, half-bestial being in the court of Dionysus (resembling a goat), portrayed as wanton(unrestrained) and cunning; lecher; CF. faun; CF. goat: lecherous man
s clot
half-solid lump formed from a liquid (or blood); V.
n snicker
half-stifled(suppressed) laugh; V.
n gavel
hammerlike tool; mallet(wooden hammer) used by a presiding officer or an auctioneer; V.
n maul
handle roughly; batter; injure by beating; Ex. mauled by his overexcited fans; N: heavy long-handled hammer
n tiller
handle used to move boat's rudder (to steer)
n factotum
handyman; person who does all kinds of work; CF. do everything
hang about/around; stand idly about; linger
n hover
hang about; (of birds or aircraft) stay in the air in one place; (of people) wait nearby; stay around one place; waver; be in an uncertain state
hanging down from something; pending; N: ornament (hanging from a necklace etc.)
n pendulous
hanging; suspended
s eventual
happening at last as a result; Ex. eventual victory
happening at the same time; in agreement
s casual
happening by chance; irregular; occasional; informal; showing or feeling little interest; Ex. casual reader/labor/remark
s forthcoming
happening in the near future; ready; willing to help; Ex. No answer was forthcoming.
n felicity
happiness; appropriateness (of a remark, choice, etc.); quality of being felicitous
n beset
harass or trouble from all directions; hem in
harass, annoy, torment (by repeated attacks); raid
n bait
harass; tease; torment; Ex. badger baiting; N: food or other lure used to catch fish or trap animals
hard and unbending; stiff and unyielding; fixed in behavior or views; strict; rigorous; Ex. rigid rule
n brittle
hard but easily broken; difficult; unstable; Ex. brittle situation
n incrustation
hard coating or crust; V. incrust: encrust; cover with a crust
s crust
hard outer covering (as of earth or snow)
n esoteric
hard to understand; known only to the chosen few, esp. initiates; N. esoterica
hard unpleasant work; menial work
hard; inflexible
n arduous
hard; strenuous; Ex. arduous work
n callous
hardened; unfeeling; without sympathy for the sufferings of others; unkind
harm someone's reputation; malign; speak evil of; slander; N. defamation; ADJ. defamatory
n deleterious
harmful; causing injury
harmful; CF. obnoxious
harmful; damaging; N. detriment
n placebo
harmless substance prescribed as a dummy pill
s consonant
harmonious; in agreement; N.
harmonious; in harmony with; able to exist together
harmony; accord
harmony; agreement
harmony; agreement with established rules or customs; similarity; Ex. behave in conformity with; V. conform: be similar; act in agreement; comply; Ex. conform to the rule; CF. conformance
s bridle
harness fitted about a horse's head (used to restrain); curb; check; V: put a bridle on; control or restrain; show anger
n belabor
harp on; dwell on tediously; explain or go over excessively or to a ridiculous degree; assail verbally; beat severely; attack physically
harshness; intensity; sternness; austerity; ADJ. severe: harsh; strict; extremely violent or intense
hasten; make go faster
n slapdash
hasty and careless; haphazard; sloppy(carelessly done)
n headlong
hasty; rash; headfirst; ADV.
hatch; warm (eggs) with the body to promote hatching; maintain at optimal environment conditions for development; be holding in one's body an infection which is going to develop into a disease; N. incubation; CF. incubation:disease
hateful; spiteful; expressing malice; N. malice: desire to harm others; spite
hater of woman; CF. misogyny
hatred of marriage
haughty; arrogant; condescending; patronizing; CF. eyebrow, cilium
s tend
have a tendency; take care of; minister; serve at; apply one's attention; attend
s vertebrate
having a backbone or spinal column; N: group of animals having a segmented spinal column
s consanguineous(consanguine)
having a common ancestor
having a common center
having a common origin; related linguistically; allied by blood; similar or akin in nature; Ex. cognate languages; N.
s blunt
having a dull edge; abrupt and frank in speech or manner; brusque; V: make or become blunt
n determinate
having a fixed order of procedure; precisely defined; invariable; fixed; conclusive; final
n wan
having a pale or sickly color; pallid
n serrated
having a sawtoothed edge; Ex. serrated leaf
s sour
having a sharp or acid taste; acid; tart; bad-tempered; V.
n capillary
having a very fine bore; resembling a hair; fine and slender; Ex. capillary attraction; N: very fine hairlike tube; CF. capillarity
having absolute unchecked power; dictatorial; N. autocrat, autocracy
n apolitical
having an aversion or lack of concern for political affairs
having an odor
having foresight; fortuneteller; N. clairvoyance
having great volume (as of a garment or container); bulky; large
n ponderous
having great weight; weighty; unwieldy; lacking lightness; dull; Ex. ponderous body/style of writing
having human form or characteristics
having importance; pertinent; referring to the case in hand; N. relevance, relevancy
s desperate
having lost all hope; despairing; reckless and violent because of loss of hope or despair; undertaken as a last resort
having lost one's original power; barren; worn out; exhausted
having many forms
having many languages; fluent in several languages
having many talents; capable of working in many fields; having many uses or functions; N. versatility
n ciliated
having minute hairs; CF. cilium; CF. cilia: eyelash
having no equal; incomparable
s uninhibited
having no inhibitions; free in behavior and feelings
having no motion; unchanging; lacking development; N. stasis: stable state
having no previous example; novel; unparalleled
having only one color
n prurient
having or causing lustful desires and thoughts; arousing immoderate sexual desire
n verisimilar
having the appearance of truth or reality; probable or likely to be true; plausible
n musky
having the odor of musk; N. musk: odorous substance secreted by an Asian deer
n rancid
having the odor of stale or decomposing fat; rank
having the weight of authority; regarded as providing knowledge that can be trusted; reliable; peremptory and dictatorial; Ex. authoritative dictionary/manner; CF. definitive
having to do with citizens; not military or religious; courteous and polite; Ex. married in a civil ceremony; Ex. civil strife/disorder/law; N. civility; CF. civic