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Newton predicted that there would be a universal gravitation constant, but it took _____ to measure it.
Gravity is an attraction between .....
The bigger the masses, the bigger the ___ between them.
gravitational force
The bigger the separation between two masses, the ____ the gravitational attraction between them.
The relation between gravitational force and distance is....
inverse square
What makes the earth, other planets, and stars round?
Gravity pulling inward on them in all directions.
How would your weight change if you were five times farther from the center of the earth than you are now?
How would your weight change if you were 10 times farther from the center of the earth than you are now?
If the moon is attracted to the earth, then why doesn't it hit the earth.
As it falls, it is moving so fast forward in its circular orbit that never gets any closer to the earth.
What was it that Newton discovered about the force that pulls apples to the ground and the force that hold the moon in orbits?
They are one in the same.
Why did Newton think that a force must act on the moon?
Because it doesn't follow a straight line path. In a circular motion, there is an acceleration and hence a force on an object.
Newton didn't just discover that the earth has gravity that attracts objects, but....
that gravity exists between all masses.
What do we mean by tangential velocity?
Velocity parallel to the tangent of the circle
What does the very small value of the gravitational constant G tell us abou the strength of gravitational force?
Gravitational force is a relatively weak force
What are the two masses and the one distance that determines your weight?
Mass of you and he earth;
distance between centers of gravity