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William Calson 4
designed first sans serif font
Fredrich Koening
steam-powered cylinder press 1810
Ottmar Mergenthaler
developed linotype machine that sets type. decreased price of newapaper from 3 cents to 1
Stephen H. Horgan
half-tone screening process. allowed pictures to be printed on press
Matthew Brady
first war photographer
Charles Dana Gibson
Gibson Girls, advertising style of first trademark characters
William Morris
founder of arts and craft movement, opened Kelmscott Press.
Gustav Stickley
american furniture designer, father of mission style or prarie style funiture.
Frank Llyod Wright
architect-prarie style
Federic Goudy
typeface designer, over 122 fonts
american guild of arts and crafts that brought philosphy to mainstream america
William Crane
british-first all color storybooks for kids
Aubrey Beardsley
british-influeced william morris to pursue gothic art froms in print
Greene and Greene
architects and artisans who designed homes in arts and crafts style, including windows, carpets, lights, etc.
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
french-designed for the Moulin Rouge
Alphonse Mucha
czech artist-moved to paris-most widely associated with art nouveau
Maxfield Parish and Will Bradley
American Art Nouveau artists.
Jules Cheret
parisian art nouveua artist
Louis Comfort Tiffany
tiffany lamps, works with stain glass. american
Charles Mackintosh
leader and founder of the four. originator of glasgow. known for ladder back chair
Herbert Mcnair
memeber of the four specialized in poster and publication design
Margaret and Francis Mcdonald
memebrs of the four, developed many posters that defined glasgow style
talwin morris
director at Blackies, aplied style and applied it to books and encylopedias
Gustav Klimt
viennese lead to vienna seccession
Koloman Moser
founding memeber of seccession
Ver Sacrum
not a person..important publication by the vienna seccession school-rsised standard of printing and design
Lucian Bernhard
original plakastil designer emigarted to america
Theo van Doesburg
founder and philospoher of de stijl
Piet Modrian
most known for de stijl. black and white grid with primary colors
Gerrit Rietveld
schroeder house-red and blue chair, architect who apllied de stijl to architecture and funiture design
Alexander Rodchenko
artist to designer-known in constructivism- memeber of INKHUK(moscow's institue of artistic culture)
Vladamir Tatlin
developer of constructivist movement, turned to industrial design to improve soviet citizens
El Lissitzky
use of color, photo montage, type, architect, painter, etc.
Walter Gropius
architect that founded the Buahuas (1914-1928)
Laszlo Moholy-Nagy
professor at bauhuas first to say typography was a tool of communication
Herbert Bayer
former student that became an insructor, innovater in use of type
Joost Schmidt
instructor at bauhaus, designed the bauhaus weimar poster.
A.M Cassandre
Russian immigrant to france designed travel posters. best examples of art deco style. designed font piegnot. went to us and worked for fashion magazines.
Otis Shepard
streamline and art deco designer. billboards and advertising.
Raymond Loewy
french immigrant, worked in us for 50 years designed shell logo, greyhoud busses, and refigerator on Air Force One for Kennedy.
Lester Beall
self taught designer, worked for Rural Electrification Admin. explored photo montage.
Saul Bass
LA Designer brought conceptual ideasto film industry, designed many landmark logos.
Bradbury Thompson
known for work in industry journal Westvaco Inspirations, changed way designers used color and layering
Paul Rand
ABC, UPS, father of New York Corporate Design,
Joseph Muller-Brockman
swiss designer, use of objective photography and impersonal style
Hermann Zapf
one of greatest type designers of his time, Optima, Melior, Zapf Chancery Zapf Dingbats, Palatino
Adrian Fruitiger
responsible for Univers and Fruitiger font families.
Victorian Era
1820-1900, ornamentation, bold type, rich class, response to industrialization, advertising, Fat Face fonts, no photography, fill up entire space
Arts and Craft Movement
1880-1900, handcraft look, William Morris, missiona nd prarie style, total artist, Goudy
Art Nouveau
1890-1914 rejection of victrian, improve indusrty, born in england, color was critical in advertisiing, golden age of poster was 1890-1930, first pop-culture movement to blend art and industry
Glasgow and Vienna Seccession
1895-1918, The four, bold simple lines, flat colors, weird poster sizes, symbolism and mystical, botanical motifs, environmental ; monographs/magazines glossy paper, non-traditional color schemes cleaner styles.
1905-1920 roots in imperial germany, but not german movement, Die Bruke and Die Bla Reiter, abstratc, dramatic, hitler opposed.
1900-1930 poster style. simple graphics, type was secondarty,
De Stijl
1917-1924 grid structure, schroeder house, red and blue chair, primary colors, the style eneded with death of van doesburg
1914-1931 Lenin liked Stalin didn't. Russia, help citizens, photo mantage, apble to help with designs.
1914-1933 weimar, dessau, closed by nazis in 1933, anti-academic
Art Deco
1925-1938 inspired by jazz, art nouveau, aztec art, egypt, glamour, luxury, modern convience.. products smaller Crysler and Empire state bulidings
1930-1939 simple, aerodynamic, smooth, concrete, very americna style, world fair, The world of tomorrow,
1935-1939 Works Progress Admin. FAP-fedeal arts projects. designs for government.....
War Propaganda
ww1-i want you...heo look
ww2-germany took hero look,
anti-war posters; againts war...
corportate style
1950-1980 abc logo, Container Corp. of America, New York School-Paul Rand...Saul Bass in LA
Swiss Modern Style
1945-1985 international typographic style, sans-serfi type..clarity and order...grid style and inform of qualities//