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Identify the Characteristics of Structural-Functional Theory (SFT)
1.Defines the family as a social structure.
2.Examines the family in terms of its relationship with other social structures e.g.,medicine, religion, education, gov't.
3. Determines how family patterns are related to other social structures.
4. Considers the basic functions of families, e.g., economic, reproductive, socialization and Affective.
5. Asks, how well does the family structure allow the family to perform its functions.
Identify the Characteristics of Family Systmes Theory (FST)
System: Composed of a set of interacting elements.
-Open: exchanges withing the enviroment.
-Closed: isolated from its enviroment.
Incudes Boundaries:
Rigid - contol and prevent chaos, but limit warmth affection and nuturance.
Diffuse-may result in enmeshment.
Clear - offer securiy and suppor.
Identify the Characteristics of Family Developmental Theory (FDT)
1. Developmentally-based tasks occur at a specific period.
2. Successful acheivement leads to happiness and success with later tasks.
3. Failure to achieve tasks leads to unhappiness, disapproval, or difficulty in acheiving later tasks.
List the Strenghts and Weaknesses of Structural-Functional Theory (SFT)
Strenght: is comprehensive and views families with the broader community context.
Weaknesses: prescribes gender roles; has a "static" view of families
List the Strenghts and Weaknesses of Family Systmes Theory (FST)
Strenghts: Focus on processes and interactions with the family; family is veiwed as a whole.
Weaknesses: Is broad and very general; May not be helpful in addressing individual client concerns.
List the Strenghts and Weaknesses of Family Developmental Theory (FDT)
Strenghts: Provides basis for forecasting what a family will be experiencing at any period in the family life cycle.
Weaknesses: Emphasizes the traditional nuclear family.
Discuss how Structural-Functional Theory (SFT) is applicable to family nursing
How has alteration in structure affected the family's function as a whole?
2. What roles in the family have changed?
3. How have the functions of family members changed?
4. How has changed in the family affected its relationship to other social structures?
Discuss how Family Systmes Theory (FST)is applicable to family nursing
1.Who makes up the family system?
2.How has the family member's illness affected the family and it's member?
Discuss how Family Developmental Theory (FDT) are applicable to family nursing
1. What stage is this family in?
2. What developmental tasks are/are not being accomplished?
3. What education does this family need about individual and family grown and development?
Identify the Characteristics of Family Systmes Theory (FST)
1. All parts of the family system are connected or interrelated.
2. The whole is greated that the sum of it's parts.
3. Whatever affects the family system affects each of its parts.
4. View clients as participating members of family.
5. Emphasize the whole rather than individual family members.
Stages of Family Developmental Theory (FDT)
1.Maritial Families
2.Childbearing Families
3. Families with preschool Children
4.Families with schoolage children
5.Families with teens
6. Families launching young adults
7.Middle-aged parent families
8.Families in retirement and old age.