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defanite article
it points to a specific person, place, or thing
Compound noun
a noun made by joining 2 or more words.
personal pronoun
refer 2 people who are speaking or the people they are speaking about
helping verb
a verb that comes before the main verb an adds to its meaning
a word that describes somthing
simple predicate
a verb that tells wat the subject does and what is done 2 the subject or whats the condition of te subject
simple subject
the main word or words in the subject part of the sentance tells who or what the subject i about
demonstrative pronoun
points out a person,place or thing
idicates the action
action verb
indicates the action of a person or thing
takes place of a noun
proper noun
names a specificperson place or thing
linking verb
a verb that comes before the main verb
common noun
names any one group of people place or thing