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Adjectival phrase
Adverbial phrase
Adjectival phrase- acts as an adjective would. It tells something an adjective would tell
Adverbial phrase- acts like an adverb. It tells something an adverb would tell.
Direct Object
Direct Object- Receives the action of the verb or shows the result of the action. Answers the question What? or Whom? after and action verb.
Indirect Object
Indirect Object- Precedes the direct object and usually tells to whom the action/verb is done.
Complement, Compliment
Complement- a verb meaning "to go with or complete" or a noun meaning "something that completes"
Compliment- aa verb meaning "to flatter", noun meaning "flattering remark"
Its, It's
Its- is a possessive pronoun
It's- is a contraction for it is
Their, There, They're
Their- possessive pronoun
There- adverb specifying place; it is also an expletive
They're- a contraction of they are
Verb- a word that expresses action or otherwise helps to make a statement
Transitive-an action verb that is followed by an direct object
Intransitive- An action verb that is not followed by an direct object
Article-the word a, an, the, used to mark a noun
Conjunction- a word tht joins words of groups of words
Verb Phrase
Being- a verb that is not followed by a subject complement
Linking- a being verb that is followed by a subject complement so it changes to linking
Verb Phrase- Is a verb of more than one word.
Prep. Phrase
Object of the Prepostition
Prep. phrase- a group of words that begins with a preposition and usually ends with a noun or noun equilvalent
Object of the Preposition- the noun or noun equilvalent at the end of the preposition
a word placed before a noun or noun equivalent to form a phrase modifying another word in the sentence.
Subject Complements
Predicate adjectives/ Predicate nominatives
Predicate adjectives- An adjective complement that follows a linking verb and modifies the subject of the verb
Predicate nominatives- A noun or pronoun complement that refers to the same person or thing as the subject of the verb
Then, Than
Then- a adverb denoting time
Than-a conjuction used in comparisons
(What do they tell? 3 things)
Adjective- a word used to modify a noun or pronoun
-What kind? Which one?
How many?
5 categories
proper- names a particular person, place, thing or idea
common- names one of a class of persons, places, things, or ideas
5- Proper, Common, Abstract, Concrete, Collective
(What 6 things do they tell?)
Adverb- a word used to modify a verb, and adjective, or another adverb.
-how, how often, when, why, to what degree, where