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Name the conjunctions
and, but, or, nor, for, yet, so
To what do commas set off expressions that interrupt the sentence?
introduction words, parenthetical expressions, appositives, words of direct address
Use a comma after an ______ clause or a long ______ that begins a sentence
adverb, phrase
When is a comma used for adjectives?
2 or more adjectives modifying the same noun
What do commas separate in series?
words, phrases, subordinate clauses
In dates or addresses when do you put commas?
if it consistist of two or more parts.
example: on november 9, 1976....
to form the possessive of a singular noun what do you do?
add an apostrophe s ('s)
to form the possessive of a plural noun which does not end in s, what do you do?
add an apostrophe s ('s)
to form the possessive of a plural noun that does end in s, what do you do?
add an apostrophe (')
you put an apostrophe to show what in contractions?
where the letters have been omitted
what do you use to enclose a direct quotation?
qotation marks (" ")
when a qoted sentence is divided into two parts by an interrupting expression, what does the second part of the quotation begin with?
a small letter
when you write dialogue, what do you begin everytime the speaker changes?
a new paragraph
do you put quotations around every new sentence a person says?
Use ______ to separate __________s, __________s, or subordinate ________s wrtitten in a series.
commas, words, phrases, clauses
A _______ is sometimes used to separate two or more _________s modifying the same noun.
comma, adjectives
Use a ________ after an ________ _______ or a long _______ that begins a sentence.
comma, adverb clause, phrase
What are the four kinds of interupters?
1. Introductory words
2. Parenthetical Expressions
3. Appositives
4. Words of direct adresses
You also use commas for __________s and ___________s.
dates, adresses
You use an apostrophe for a contraction where....
the letters have been taken out
Use ________ marks to enclose a ______ quotation.
quotation, direct
A ______ or a _____ following a quotation should be placed inside the _______ marks.
comma, period, quotation
When a quoted sentence is divided into to parts by an __________ expression such as 'he said' or 'mother asks', the secound part of the _________ begins with a _____ letter.
interrupting, quotation, small