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Past __________ correspond to the -__ form of regular verbs in English: closed, folded, etc.
participles, -ed
To form the past participle, take the infinitive and drop its ____ two letters - __, __, or __
last, -ar, -er, -ir
Dropping the last two letters of an infinitive verb gives you the verb _____.
Once you have the ____ stem by _____ the last _____ letters you add -___ or -___.
verb, dropping, two, -ado, -ido

El hombre esta sentADO
The man is seatED
In Spanish, _____ participles are often used as __________.
past, adjectives
If a past participle is used as in adjective it must agree in _______ and ______ with the subject.
number, gender

La mujer y la niña están SENTADAS en sillaS.
The woman and the girl are seated in chairs.